Monday, August 1, 2011

Airii~n Deshou?! Monthly Wrap Up (July 2011 Edition)

I was supposed to do this yesterday but oh well (and yes, Morning Musume's concert will still be up later today. My upload speed sucks).

As usual, here is a recap of the major posts made here on Airiindeshou for the month.

Download link for Buono!'s awesome reboot concert in HD and SD. You can watched the MCs subbed by TPF here.

Download links for 60fps versions of the A-gana concert.

 C-ute date, Manoeri PV making of footage, S/mileage stuff, Aichan + Mano date, and moar S/mileage stuff, yay!

Berryz appeared on the high profile show Hey! Hey! Hey! and if you want to see it subbed, download our release! I also encoded the whole Hey! Hey! Hey! TV show here.

 The latter half of 2011 is shaping up to be very Berikyuu friendly and this new movie is just one example.

Glad to see that I'm supporting a company that truly cares.

My wishes was finally answered when I got the opportunity to work on Airi's Keitai Kanojo and you can download it following the link above.

 I didn't like this single so much, but the PV was nice, at least.

 And the H!P horror movies continue. I'm not complaining.

Both rounds were streamed lived on Niconico and I recorded them. Watch if you want to see the potential new faces of S/mileage!

Everything about Aa yo ga Akeru is awesome.

 One of the better Ai no Dangan TV appearances, subbed.

 An all out soloists battle on Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke Eight, subbed.

And the winner for the most entertaining Ai no Dangan TV appearance goes to this video. Watch as Berryz tries to break some world records (really), subbed.

Ogawa Saki celebrates the release of the final Harry Potter movie in her own way (a girl after my own heart).

 Mostly about Yurina and Chinami's trip to Kyoto.

is awesome, especially one particular Miyabi performance.

 S/mileage shows that cheap does not have to equal bad.

I didn't think Kiss Me Aishiteru could get any hotter. It just did.

Thanks to KIDS and Hyakupa, we get to stare at Airi's beauty and actually understand what she's saying!

Holy crap I love that song so much.

 Two awesome subbed MCs, especially MC3.

C-ute + S/mileage on the same stage? Must be epic!

nah, she was just trolling. it's a wig

  • [TPF] HelloPro! Time Episode 7 and 8
Subbed version of HPT 7 and 8, which is mostly a Risako and Maasa cosplay date in Akihabara.

  • HelloPro! Time Episodes 13 and 14
 Aichan x Kanon shopping, Uchouten Love PV stuff, and C-ute bowling.

Definitely the second best concert of the year, so far. Captain's epic solo dance is a large reason why.

Even more subbed MCs, yay.


  1. i called it that because it was their first concert tour after it was revealed that they would be a fully featured H!P group.

    it was the first time they had a concert tour and released a single that didn't have anything to do with Shugo Chara, so i called it a reboot concert (it's also a play on the concert's title if you watch the Re;Buono subbed MCs I linked above)