Friday, July 15, 2011

Saki Potter

Ogawa Saki on a show she regularly appears on, Oha Star, cosplaying as Harry Saki Potter.

Keep in mind that this a kids show and this is Japan, so the weirdness level is especially high.

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  1. That's beyond adorable!

    Have you seen the movie yet? What'd you think? I ended up going to a Midnight showing, it was epic! I do have plenty of issues with the movie, being a really big HP fangirl, but there were some shining moments. It wasn't badly done as could have been.

  2. Yep, I saw it yesterday too~

    I've been a HP fan longer than I've been a H!P fan, so now I'm really sad that it's all over.

    (any lurker reading this comment should be warned that beyond this point contains major spoilers)

    It's been way too long since I've read the books to make comparisons (I did that intentionally so I could enjoy the movies the first time, then pick them apart after I re-read the books and watch them a second time), but I still have a few complaints.

    The one major issue I had is the lack of emotional connection with the deaths. They handled Dobby's really well, but everyone who died in part two (even Harry's), seemed so sudden and lacked the intense emotion that I expected.

    I would have liked an explanation for Harry's resurrection (I've seriously forgotten how that was explained in the book), as well as some more intimate time with the battle at Hogwarts. I would have felt more attached to Fred's death if I actually saw a death eater strike him down, as opposed to just panning over his corpse.

    It's not perfect, but it was a fitting end to the films. I enjoyed every minute of it and this will be only the second movie I've ever gone to back to the theater to see twice.

  3. I know what you mean, I've read all the books except for Book 7. I wanted to try to see the movie the way I saw the first one, without the details from the book floating in my mind. Sadly, I already knew all the major spoilers so they were still in my head during the movie. And reading the last book would be a big signal to me that Harry Potter is over. Sure, there's Pottermore but those are going to be about the characters I don't really care about.

    I was upset about the deaths too. They tried to get us to be invested in Snape's death, and some of us were, but then they throw Fred's in as an afterthought.

    They really did do a bad job at explaining Harry's death and return from the dead. They didn't show him clearly turning over the stone in a way that would tell the viewers that it was significant.

    With how much is left unexplained or is explained in a half-assed way, I really feel bad for the people who have only seen the movies not the books but actually go to the movies to understand what the books are about, These last few movies have totally failed and I blame the last director for adding so much unneeded scenes. Wasting film for scenes that will only cause a cheap laugh. Like "Not my daughter, you bitch!", the actress just didn't give this scene any conviction or real passion, it would have been better to scrap it and add a few more seconds on a different scene.

    I too will be going to see it again. Either tomorrow or next week. Hopefully tomorrow so it'll count towards the opening weekend record. I'm positive that HP7:P2 will beat out the last Batman's $158.4 million.

    In a way, I'm just glad that there are no more books for David Yates and Steve Kloves to slaughter. But I'm really sad to see the franchise closing up shop.

  4. Did you see it in 3D? I saw it in 2D because I was at school during the 3D showings and didn't want to wait until Friday night for the next one. Also, take me with youuuuu

    Negative things aside, I was just thinking about how the acting was amazing (as usual). I've always been amazed at how spot on they were, especially considering everyone has an image of how the characters look in their minds.

    Alan Rickman has way of delivering his lines with dramatic pauses that are absolutely perfect. He IS Severus Snape. He was amazing in every single movie.

    Evanna Lynch is literally exactly how I pictured Luna when I read the books. She too embodies her character.

    Bellatrix, Draco, Ginny, Prof McGonagall, and many others were about as good as they could be. Without such an all star cast, these movies would have not been anywhere near as good as they were.

    now i'm going to go back to crying because it's all over

  5. I went to 3D for both times. I don't really find the 3D all that special but I didn't want to wait an hour for the 2D showing the second time I went.

    LOL, it has taken Dan 5 movies to get Harry right though. But I agree, everyone was at their best for the final movie. -- <3 Alan Rickman. I'm kinda upset about how whiny they made Snape in this last movie. It just doesn't sit well with me. -- I also like the Luna Evanna portrays. But the Luna in my mind is a bit different. -- Helena has always done an amazing Bellatrix! She was the best choice they could have ever made for the role. -- I really thought that Tom Felton kind of shined in this last movie, despite the very little screen time. You could see the inner struggle Draco had at choosing to stand with the school or to side with his family. -- Nor, without this cast, would the films have been as memorable. These people made it epic.

    Awe, don't cry! Pottermore will be here soon!