Thursday, July 28, 2011

HelloPro! Time Episode 14 download link

This week's new episode!

In this episode Nakky, Airi, and Mai go bowling, which makes up most of the episode, and there is footage from the Aa yo ga Akeru PV making. At the end there is a longer preview of the Aa yo ga Akeru pv, too.

I haven't watched yet, but by skimming through it, I saw this and had to make a gif:

Captain is trying to kill us all

Download link:

Normally I just grab whatever version is on H!O and upload it, but this time I found it somewhere else (and it's not even on the tracker yet) so thanks to the random wota who encoded this.

PS, two subbed HPT episodes are coming in the near future~


  1. "PS, two subbed HPT episodes are coming in the near future~"

    Wow, you guys are awesome! Thank in advance.

  2. i love the subbed episodes since i speak very little japanese ^.^