Sunday, August 28, 2011

Frankincense live streaming

From the just ended Buono! live concert here's my favorite performance of the night, Miya's Frankincense.

The rest will be up later. Now it's sleep time~


  1. Awe~ I was hoping it'd be "partenza~Lets Go!!!~", that song and performance was amazing!

  2. All of the partenza songs stole the show ^_^

  3. and holy crap someone already uploaded it:

    i'll still be encoding it, of course

  4. 超最高越えて!! So sad I was unable to catch it. Looking forward to your upload!

  5. It was my 1st Buono concert (well, i missed firsts songs xD too early here ) ^^, it was good and girls were so cute.

    From now i´ll try to follow them more

  6. @ CIA: The beginning was the best part of the concert for me. You're definitely going to want to watch it! I got to watch "partenza~Lets Go!!!~" twice since there was a loading issue with the stream before "1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou", I was happy to watch the first song back. ^_^

  7. ^Of course i´ll watch the part i missed ! ^^

  8. Lol, I knew you were going to like this part.
    Miya being awesome is awesome.

    I liked this and Partenza~

  9. I haven't really finish watching the whole thing but here are my thoughts...

    Out of the gate, I think it was a disappointment. partenza is a great song and all but there is no live atmosphere when they are singing (if they are actually singing it). It is basically the CD recording which is not what I like in live concerts.

    MCs were pretty good. Especially when the staff "accidentally" skipped Momo's song intro after she went a little cutesy ^^. Also Miya gave us a laugh when she asked Eji (keyboard) where her B-day present is.

    After Dolce came in, I started to like it. Live music, live singing is what concerts are all about ^^

    My main problem is, as well as with many H!P concerts, is that I've seen them perform a lot of those songs before. How many concerts have they did Lady Panther/Kiss Kiss Kiss? I really do get bored of it. Like if they do it once every 2-3 years, it will be great (like Bucket no Mizu). Once every other concert tour is too much for me and I start to hate it, even if they are good songs.

  10. I know this is a really old post... but what is the other language they are speaking in this song?
    Any ideas?