Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Aa Yoru ga Akeru covers

Normally I don't make a whole post about CD covers, but these speak for themselves:

That's it, I'm buying this single as soon as I get the money. I didn't think it were possible to get hotter outfits than Ai no Danga, but they somehow did it. Now as for the next single...


  1. I love Risako on these covers. The look in the first pic, the thighs and legs in the last two.

    So glad I pre-ordered the Regular Edition!

  2. I like Yurina's face in the Limited A
    Maasa's Smile in the Limited B
    Capyain in the Limited C
    and Miyabi in the Regular!! ♥♥

  3. LOL. The outfits look more cute & innocent than sexy to me.. XD
    The outfits remind me of PJ's... XDDD

    (Risako and Miyabi's poses are sexy though... I think they are the ones who make the covers look "sexy" to some people... All the other members (especially Momo) look cute! xD)

  4. When I saw this the first thing I said was "WOW"...These covers are so breath taking



  5. omg i love them even if it´s not C-ute :P

    Risako is shinning the most to me...and Momo is so cute ^^

  6. wow,they look amazing... btw: Risako dried her hair? Yurina cut it?! Captain's getting longer <3 I like their outfits. They are pink and cute, but so short~ love it!!

  7. Gorgeous! I love them! I can't wait to see the PV, I hope it's just as dreamy. Such a great single.

    Maasa-gush! The first cover is PERFECT for her. She gets more beautiful by the day. Sadly, I think Momo got the short stick when it came to hair... But I guess this is better than the ponytails and pigtails she's been sporting for years. Hopefully it's a really cute style from the back. Usually Chinami gets the bad hair but she got lucky this time. I'm glad Miyabi's bangs are good here (though I like her more without them), the short pixie-cut she has on them right now are just wrong. I noticed on NicoNico that Yurina had gotten a hair cut but I'm much more a fan of the styling she had on NicoNico than this cover. It's way too similar to Captain's, who's hair is so pretty. Risako's hair is great as usual.

  8. My jaw dropped. The song is amazing, and now the covers are amazing too? What's next, the PV actually won't be dance shot + close up vers mix? Wow!

    I will probably buy all the versions of the single! :O

  9. I don't like Yurina's hair all that much but the covers are pretty. Very pretty. Kinda wondering if they're dancing in these, or they're taking the C-ute route and having different dance outfits, or not having a dance at all. I really hope it's one of the first 2.

  10. Wow, Maasa looks like a mermaid in the first cover!! SO cute!! ;))))

    Momo and Miya are my favourites, and they look beautiful and cute in every cover too <3