Sunday, August 7, 2011

S/mileage on Music Japan talk + perf 720p HD download link

S/mileage's Music Japan appearance from earlier today.

Download link:

It's 210 MB, 720p HD, and 3 minutes 43 seconds long.

And don't forget to buy this single if you like it!

If I have time, I'll encode the whole show, later.


  1. Thank you~~~
    Can't wait for the whole encode!

    And I just heard a longer preview of the Partenza mini album and it sounds GREAT! I may have to own it for myself.

  2. yesss, the whole album is amazing. seriously every song is perfect. i had to buy it after listening to each song

  3. partenza~Let's go!!!~ sounds so K-Pop, but with my recent obsession with K-Pop, I was totally okay with that. It sounds great. I'm like anxiously awaiting my Uchoten LOVE albums as well, I may buy this CD when I have a job and am actually making money.

  4. all the songs are awesomes!!! I would buy it...

  5. Here are my thoughts on the songs

    partenza ~Let's go!!!~:
    Very K-pop, not much to say about it. Personally, it is not bad, but I don't like it since I've been hearing too much that kind of style of song for the past few months. Also, warping the girls' beautiful voices is not something nice!

    Kind of meh. It's an average song but I don't like the fact that it is a cover of SINA's song which was never released.

    My alright sky:
    I think it should be better with another group (like MM or BK or even Mano). Not saying the girls sound bad in it, just that it is not in their image.

    Kia-ora Gracias Arigato:
    Nice cheerful song. My favorite one out of the album. It speaks true to the Buono around the time they debuted. However, the idea of putting "Thank You" in different languages in a song was done last year by Hey! Say! JUMP.

    1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou:
    It is good to see a more rock song for them. However, it is a cover.

    Overall, not much originality in this album which made me sad. But I enjoyed all the songs more than most of the other groups right now.