Friday, July 15, 2011

HelloPro! Time Episodes 11 + 12 screenshots + download link

Another double HPT post!

Episode 11 aired July 7th and featured cameraman Yurina and Miya.

Yurina waits around for her late date partner,


The two of them are on their way to Kyoto,

but they aren't going alone. They are joined by a random American that speaks Japanese.

After Yurina shows off her phone, they have a snack break

and then it's on to cameraman Miya behind the scenes of the Natsu Dakara PV making.


Meanwhile in Kyoto

What's up with HelloPro! Time and bringing out the personality in people? Last week, Aichan was outgoing, and no Kumaicho is too. Maybe it's the absence of a random cameraman, or allowing them to do things they (seemingly) want to do. Probably a little both.


*prays for success for the new single*

I love Buono! so much <3

Episode 12 features cameraman Yurina and DAWA.

First, the continuation of Kumaichii's Kyoto date at a kimono rental store.

Playing a fan throwing game to see who gets to play dress up

Cameraman DAWA

Drawing for Hello Channel 5

Yurina won the game, so she gets to look pretty

Chinami gets to dress up too, but in a different role


Food time. Itadakimatcha~

Moar outgoing Kumaicho. I love it <3

DAWA drawing

S/mileage audition footage in much better quality than the Niconico stream, yay.

But it's very short. Next week is shopping with Aichan and Suzuki Kanon.

The most hilarious censoring method ever

Episode 11 download link:

Episode 12 download link:

Thanks to the encoder of those videos!


  1. I was alo so laughing at the censoring for Aichan and Kanon XD

  2. Why can't I download? It says my IP didn't get through...

  3. That's quite a weird error. What country do you live in?

  4. Maybe try using a download manager like Jdownloader or Downloadthemall or something (google them) would fix the problem.

  5. Alright. Thanks.