Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The top 11 best idol dance groups, according to Japan

Goo Ranking asked Japanese idol fans to rate the current idol groups based on their dancing abilites and the results may surprise you:

3. Perfume
4. AKB48
5. Morning Musume
6. Momoiro Clover Z
7. C-ute
8. Berryz Koubou
9. Idoling!!!
10. Passpo
11. Vanilla Beans

I can't really comment on the non-H!P idol groups because I don't pay nearly as much attention to them, but it's a pretty decent ranking from what I can tell.

I would just shuffle around the H!P ranking a bit. I wouldn't rate the current Morning Musume lineup as H!P's best overall dancing group - that award goes to C-ute, which is a bit weird because I'd say that H!P's top two dancers aren't even in C-ute (I would rank Aichan and Captain a little higher than Maimi). But, C-ute's weakest dancers are much better than Morning Musume and Berryz's weakest, giving C-ute a very good balance and thus they are my pick for H!P's best dance group. I'd put C-ute at 5, drop Morning Musume to 8 and put Berryz at 7.


  1. Top 3 is not really a surprise. Those three are famous for their dancing. AKB, MM are just because popularity. Momoiro Clover should be 4th (they can do backflips and other cool tricks). I think passpo should be higher. Passpo is just better than Idoling!!!

  2. For some reason, Berryz being below C-ute suprised me!! 8O No idea why. haha BUT it DOES make me happy to see that they are above Berryz, since I'm not a Berryz fan AT ALL. :P

  3. Not surprised at all about SNSD, although I'd have thought they's be number 1.

    I honestly feel that Berryz are all around the best dancers, they just aren't given many elaborate dances like C-ute has been given, although I do feel that C-ute has some of the strongest dancers in H!P. Momusu in it's current state, I agree, should not be the highest of the H!P groups. I think that if it was before the 9th Gen.

  4. For me. Kara wouldn't even be on the List. SNSD would bea bit lower. C-ute and Passpo higher. and Momoclo sand spot.

    I dont even know what vanilla beans is time to google!

  5. Ah, for me the best are C-ute too, with Nakky-Maimi´s dance would be enough but also Chisato, Airi and Maimai are good dancers too....also their choreography is awesome in almost all singles (even in indie´s period,massara blue jeans for example), i really can feel the power through their moves (and through their voices of course)

  6. I don't like that they chose Kpop groups because their style is way different than Jpop idol groups. Kpop tends to have a lot harder choreography and so their ability is obviously going to look better.

    I think C-ute should be ahead of MM. I know for sure C-ute has better and more difficult choreography than other H!P groups. On top of that they are all younger than the 2 other groups. I think age is important in this because C-ute have been amazing at dancing since 2005 whereas Berryz has a lot of trouble learning dances when they were the same age.

  7. My biggest shock is SNSD and KARA.They can't be on the list actually.

  8. I'm a little surprised that KARA beated SNSD! <3
    SNSD and KARA definitely have one of the most awesome-est choreo EVER. <3 <3 <3

    Oh the H!P side, I wished C-ute was in MoMusu's spot instead.

  9. Ah~ i don't agree, i don't like snsd, kara and akb48!!!
    momoclo number 1 in japan!!!! Haha>_<
    Love momoclo forever!!!<3
    momoclo is the best in the world~!!!!!:D
    Hehe!!>< Ganbatte momoclo!!!!^^
    And my favorite member are momoka and kanakoo!!!^^ yey~
    Momoclo pls come to indonesian^^ i will waiting for you!!! Forever~^^ >,<