Wednesday, July 11, 2012

C-ute - Alo-Hello 2

Thanks to the following donators, we had yet another successful donation project: neonero, zunu, John, and some help from myself.

Whenever a new Alo-Hello is announced, the first thing that I wonder about is if it'll be one of those boring extended PB making of types, or if it'll actually be something fun to watch. I'm glad to say that C-ute's Alo-Hello 2 is the latter.

The video starts off with the girls on the beach randomly stretching before they eventually introduce this DVD (apparently it's different from the normal DVD because they mentioned "Blu-ray" when they yelled the title).

And after that, they gather in a random house and attempt to make pancakes.

Perhaps the thing that I like the most about this Alo-Hello is its balance. There's a good mix of "normal" activities like the cooking pictured above and modeling (there's also quite a bit of fanservice. Let me say it now: the beach scenes are hot).

Next there's some looking pretty and camera staring going on, e-Hello style. I didn't mind that at all since it was in a relatively small dosage (20 minutes), compared to an hour long e-Hello DVD.

And then the fun and games begins. The first thing they do is a who can look the cutest while jumping into a pool battle.

After jumping into the pool cutely, the member is rated by their fellow C-ute members and after everyone has jumped, the person with the highest score wins.

After more camera staring (in bikinis this time),

a mystery box is revealed.

The contents of that mystery box goes to the winner of the games. There are two races. One in the water,

and the other on foot.

And then the fun continues (with a blindfold) on a large ranch.

 C-ute + Caprisun + Kool-Aid is not something I ever expected to see, lol.

And to end things, there are solo interviews

and the Kimi wa Jitensha Sunset Ver.

I'm slightly sad that they didn't continue the bikini ver. pv trend that the last few Alo-Hellos set, but oh well.

They are .7z files this time, but they can be extracted just as you normally would, with 7-zip or winrar. Also, the .7z files are password protected. For the password, see the end of this post (or check the Facebook page):

720p version:
or ( links)

480p version:

And as usual, the video contains chapters.

PS, yes, a TPF subbed version is being worked on at this moment so you may want to save time and wait for that release.

The winner of this Blu-ray will be announced in the coming days.


  1. ^ You're welcome!

    720p version added.

  2. I want to watch it, but it doesn't work on my computer :( I don't know why : (

  3. Parts 6 and 9 , seem to be corrupt.

  4. @Anon1: What do you mean it doesn't work? What is exactly the problem?

    @Anon2: For which version? 480p or 720p?

  5. OMG! The links of 720p version has been deleted, I just downloaded 5 files >_<

  6. why the links of 720 has been deleted? I only downloaded 2 files.

  7. It looks like I can't use MediaFire anymore so I'm uploading to other places. An alternative link to the 480p version is available and I'm currently uploading the 720p version.

  8. Updated 720p version with new links. The 7z files for that are the same so you can just download the parts that you need.

  9. "Parts 6 and 9 , seem to be corrupt."
    I redowloaded and it was fine, thank you very much :)

  10. Thanks a lot for reup! I love them 8P

  11. the last file 18. in is it working? I tried opening it in all my browsers but all browser gives me an error.

  12. the link is working now, thank you very much for the upload.

  13. It's now on the H!O tracker for those that prefer torrents.

  14. Can't wait for the subtitles~ So happy you guys sub these things!!

    Is Airi still unable to swim btw?

  15. Nope, she can't. And since they aren't allowed to go swimming or anything, she doesn't really have the chance to learn.

  16. filecloud now turns into premium,how to download it freely?
    Or i need to make an account?

  17. oh its working again. thx :)

  18. I cant extract the files since the names at the ends are .7z.001 or something. i tried renaming it but it does not work :(

  19. Thanks for the effort!!! I dont reli know how to extract actually!!! Do I have to download all the files and then extract it altogether? Or should i download 1 by 1 and extract it 1 by 1?

  20. @AC: You don't have to rename anything, just open .71.001 with 7-zip (or winrar if you prefer) and extract.

    @Anon: Download all of the parts and then extract part 1 and it will join together to one video~

  21. Thx so much bro..

    but, i can't find the password?
    where is it?

    can anyone please help me?
    what is the password?

    thx u b4..

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