Friday, August 19, 2011

Manoeri on Coming Soon!! 7/25/11 download link

Mano Erina promoting My Days For You on Nakai-kun's (you know, the SMAP guy that co-hosted Utaban) new show last month.

Download link:

It's 720p HD and contains a short talk and live performance.

If you like the song, consider buying it.


  1. I don't know if maybe the download messed up, but for some reason it stopped at around 3:21.

  2. I wish they'd have her perform in her PV dress. I know the white one is more idol like but the other one is nicer.

  3. I love this performance you can that her voice has improved A LOT over the years


  4. @Leia: Mediafire wasn't working for a while yesterday so maybe something happened when you downloaded it. Try it again because it definitely works

  5. @Chris I was thinking that might have been it, finally got on the computer to download it again now~

    I'm not sure if I asked, but do you still have that ep of Music Japan? And if you found it in a torrent you could just send m the link to it if you don't want to encode it if that's alright?

  6. Yes, I was having trouble encoding the audio so I put that on hold. I would give you a link to it but the website is private and is invite only.

    But anyway since you want to see it, I'll finish it tonight and have it up sometime tomorrow

  7. Aww, thank you so much~

  8. No problem. Here you go:

    will make a post about it later