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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[BD-RIP] Berikyuu 2011 Fall Collab Concert 720p, 480p, streaming

Two awesome concerts in a row! This time it's Berryz and C-ute's 2011 Fall Collaboration Concert, brought to you with the help of the following donators: neonero, HelloRaffi, ladylibra92, as well as some help from me. One of those three people will win this Blu-ray DVD thanks to their donations. Read here to find out how you can take part in a future donator contest and win DVDs like this!

Since I'm a H!P Kids fan above anything else, Berikyuu's first collab concert is one of my all-time favorites so I naturally had high hopes for this concert.

Just looking at it, the setlist isn't as exciting as I'd like (especially compared to the edited Tengoku concert from yesterday), but thankfully, this concert has quite a few memorable moments and performances.

It starts off slowly (literally) with a performance of Seishun Gekijou (the Sengoku Jieitai theme song) followed by the concert's first MC. From there, things begin to pick up with a medley of a bunch of Berryz and C-ute songs mashed together in a 6 minute performance.

I had a ton of fun watching the medley. The transitions from song to song fit pretty well and the way they were mixed together was genius, especially near the end (you'll know when you get there).

After a cool VTR, there is another MC followed by a few songs performed by C-ute only,

and a few songs performed by Berryz Koubou.

Next was a MC that determined who would be the one to sing the solo for this concert. By randomly choosing a stick with a crown on it, Chisato became king and got the chance to perform Romantic Ukare Mode by herself.

But, before that actually happened, Miya (who had that day's unlucky number) had to introduce Chisato's performance with "a super sexy pose". As soon as I heard that, I knew that this is going to be awesome.

After being instructed to move to the exact center, Miya does this:

Holy sarfvgrefhbrgedghnh

..So yeah, after Chisa's solo, Berikyuu (minus Buono!) rejoin to perform Makeruna Wasshoi! Despite having less members than the original (no Manoeri, S/mileage, and the three members of Buono!), this performance had a lot of power in it, especially in the wasshoi parts. I was particularly impressed with Risako here (and throughout the whole concert actually). Somehow, I liked this performance more than the original Bekimasu version.

If you were wondering why Buono! was absent from Makeruna Wasshoi!, well it was because they would give an awesome performance DEEP MIND next (in the original PV outfits, too). I've said this many times now, but I love these outfits. This performance is why I love Buono! so much.

Also, Miya is really, really hot in this performance (I'm sensing a reoccurring theme here with Miya and hotness in this concert!).

From there is where the shuffling starts. Yurina, Risako, Maimi and Chisato perform Bye Bye Bye and Captain, Chinami, Maasa, Nakky, and Mai perform Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance. Normally this is my favorite part of a concert because we get to see random pairings singing random songs, but this time around I wasn't too thrilled. The performances weren't bad; they just aren't standout performances like I've seen many times in the past.

That's the POWER was performed next in a very... um, interesting way. For whatever reason, some random ladies in exotic clothing join the girls on stage and dance. I didn't pay much attention to this performance because I was busy lol-ing at it all. The stark contrast between what Berikyuu and the random women wore is particularly hilarious. I swear a couple of the women had on thongs or something

After a MC and a change of outfits, the genki portion of the concert starts, beginning with Seishun Song. I usually don't care much for this part of a concert mostly because we've heard the large, genki group songs hundreds of times by now, but for whatever reason, this was my favorite part of this collab concert. It just seemed more energetic than usual (and probably was, due to 6 high energy songs in a row).

Finally, the encore started off with Berikyuu performing Heroine ni Narou ka! Although it's a Berryz song, Berryz were there only for backup singing and dancing only. All of the solos were handled by C-ute. I think that they did a solid job overall, but still, it didn't quite come close to the original and I found the performance to be lacking. Airi having a bigger role in this would have definitely improved upon it, I think. The performance just didn't have the same conviction as when Berryz performs it.

After one final MC and a Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku performance, there are two bonuses. First is another solo - Momoko performing Momoiro Sparkling. But once again, before that concert's king performed, Miya had more hotness to show.

..Yep Miya definitely wins this concert (also, thank you cameraman-san). Momo did an excellent job on her solo. It really fit her well.

The other bonus is a performance of Kiss me Aishiteru. Like Berryz in Heroine, C-ute took the role of backup singers and dancers in this song. Surprisingly, I liked this much more than C-ute's version of Heroine ni Narou ka! (I say surprisingly because when radio rips surfaced, I felt oppositely, but I did note that things could change with video of the performances). Of course, the original is still better, but I really like Berryz's version. The only major complaint I have are the outfits. I know that they had to perform Amazuppai afterwards, but the outfits really took out the hotness that Kiss me Aishiteru's dance naturally brings.

Might as well end with sweaty hot Miya, right?
Right now the only download option is via Wupload for the 720p version and Mediafire for the 720p bonus performances. I'll have MF links for the 720p version, 480p links, and streaming later today when I wake up.

Setlist (click for fullsize):

720p HD download link (it's 2 hours long, 3.28 GB, and contains chapters. Download and join both parts): http://www.wupload.com/folder/2160692

Momoko - Momoiro Sparkling 720p HD: http://www.mediafire.com/?027dk63u5t9r0db
Berikyuu - Kiss me Aishiteru 720p HD: http://www.mediafire.com/?459f46ato43sxyt

480p download link (2 GB):

Momoko - Momoiro Sparkling: http://www.mediafire.com/?91n6c1wobc9aij1
Berikyuu - Kiss me Aishiteru: http://www.mediafire.com/?ez6j51ceztygyai


Bonus 1:

Bonus 2:

Buy this concert if you like it!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello! Project 2012 Winter Tengoku Concert

This is the H!P 2012 Winter concert (probably a mix of both Rock-chan and Funky-Chan), which aired on Japanese television earlier.

I had no idea this would appear on TV, so when it was uploaded yesterday, I was very pleasantly surprised and had to grab it as quickly as possible (so thanks to the wota who recorded it!). I watched last night and couldn't stop spazzing, especially during the Glass no Pumps performance pictured above (Captain omg wiusdgfiwgidwesdf).

I didn't include a setlist this time, so here is a rundown of how the concert is structured. First, there is a big group performance of Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku, followed by Kacchoii Uta in some really awesome outfits.

From there, each group (And Manoeri, of course) gives a brief message (which seems to be in lieu of MCs because there aren't any in this edited concert, except for a very short one) and then sings their new singles.

After that is where the fun really begins. The girls are split into seemingly random pairings to sing random songs (this is why I love the H!P concerts!), but everything really works. The highlight for me is Captain, Chisato, Riho, Ayumi, and Takechan singing Glass no Pumps.

Seriously, that performance is flawless. Their voices all blended well, Chisato gave the song some much needed power, and they are all excellent dancers so they had no problem performing it amazingly. The only thing wrong with the performance was the frequent change of camera angles, which prevented me from making as many gifs as I wanted to.

Of course, there were many other standout performance as well, like S/mileage's 2nd gen putting new life into Suki na Senpai.

And to end the concert, each group sang one of their older songs before coming together for a few more large group performances. My favorite was a medley of awesome songs, including a hot Mobekimasu version of Dance de Bakoon! in the Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku outfits.

C-ute - Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku live

The H!P 2012 Winter Tengoku concert aired on Japanese television recently, meaning we get to see the concert early (and in HD).

Here is C-ute performing their new single, live. I'll have the whole concert encoded and ready when I wake up later today.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Berryz Koubou's album review.

Hello everyone! It's Chobi. It's been awhile, and I hope you are all well.
Today, my article will be about Berryz latest album released : Ai no Album 8.

I've always been disappointed with Hello! Project's albums in general. Buono!'s and MM's ones are the only things which mostly calm my hunger for good songs, with a fairly varied content which is always satisfying. And so it's with this habit of very bad albums for the other groups that I participate in the exploration of Berryz's latest one.

● Ai no Album 8

regular edition
Order it on :

01 Mythology~愛のアルバム~
02 世の中薔薇色
03 Shy boy 

04 Because happiness 
05 恋愛模様/徳永千奈美・須藤茉麻・熊井友理奈・菅谷梨沙子 
06 愛の弾丸 
07 甘酸っぱい春にサクラサク/Berryz工房×℃-ute 
08 新しい日々/清水佐紀・嗣永桃子・夏焼 雅 
 09 ああ、夜が明ける 
10 青春劇場(Berryz工房Ver.)

limited edition
Order it on :

DVD : 
1.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(Live Ver.) 
2.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(清水佐紀 Solo) 
3.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(嗣永桃子 Solo) 
4.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(徳永千奈美 Solo) 
5.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(須藤茉麻 Solo) 
6.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(夏焼雅 Solo) 
7.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(熊井友理奈) 
8.Be 元気<成せば成るっ!>(菅谷梨沙子) 

Let's begin !
1. Mythology ~Ai no Album~
Huh. That's my reaction when I heard that. Would be perfect for ABBA, but not for Berryz Koubou *skip*

2. Yo no Naka no Barairo
The intro is perfect, this sounds good. It's a song that reflects the fair point of Berryz Koubou : the harmony between the members's voices. I terribly like the rythm and the instrumental ! This song will be perfect in live, I guess. It catches up the poverty of the previous song and is a great surprise ! Yes, it's a song which is a pleasure to listen to until the end.

03. Shy Boy
I don't really like the intro. The voices of the girls are too loud and there is no interesting instrumental. The autotune is appreciable at first but is absolutely disgusting from the verse before the chorus. I like the end of the song, but I'm not going to listen to it all the time, sincerely the autotune destroy my ears.

04. Because Happiness
Ah, something which sounds interesting. Well, nothing special to say about it, I just love the chorus and I think this song will be good in live too. An enjoyable bouncy song.

05. Ren'ai Moyo
The intro suggests a marvelous song. At first, I found it really boring, but by listening to it few times I have to admit that it's a really soothing and perfect song for the girls. I really love it.

08. Atarashii Hibi
Again, an intro which suggest something interesting, but I was quickly disappointed. I find it just... annoying and boring at a maximum level, unfortunately. The great points are, again, the voices of the girls.

10. Seishun Gekijou (Berryz Koubou ver.)
It's not that I don't like it, it's that I prefer °C-ute's one. Not because °C-ute is my favourite group, but because there is less girls and the lines were clearer due to that, which leaves a more enjoyable feeling  (for me, at least).

Well, before this review my opinion was blocked on the "I seriously don't like it", but I have to admit that I have to change it a bit. I'm not going to listen to that album everytime, but it's clearly a quite good one, even though as usual the whole isn't particulary great. There is still songs that have to be put forward and others that I will forget forever. Besides that, I want to congratulate all the girls for their improvement in terms of singing, especially Captain, Maasa and Chinami.

7/10 for that album ! Not a gem, but something unpretentious, simple and pretty at the same time.

What did you think about it ? 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Airi, Chisato - Rainbow Pink performance

Yes, that's right. Aipinku and Chisapinku performing Rainbow Pink.

This was the most unexpected, but yet awesome performance ever.

It's from an Airi & Chisato event last fall (on disc 2, there is a Maimi, Nakky, and Mai event). Hopefully the ISOs show up soon because the whole setlist is amazing (Koi no Vacance, Urahara acapella, and much more). Otherwise I'll just have to re-encode from the dvdrips already on the tracker because these DVDs are too awesome to be missed.

S/mileage - Please Miniskirt Postwoman Single V

The normal PV,

Close up version,

and making of.

Normal PV: http://www.mediafire.com/?52qlt2gyq92psc8
Close up: http://www.mediafire.com/?9drwp0vhvi4ycd9
Making (download and join both parts):

Monday, February 20, 2012

Manoeri on Coming Soon!! 2/20/12 720p HD

Mano Erina talk and performance of Tasogare Kousaten on today's Coming Soon!!

Download link (213 MB, 720p HD, 6 mins): http://www.mediafire.com/?71rntow7gqwyg


Support Erina by buying this single!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Buono! on Sukkiri 2/9/12

Buono! promoting Gomennasai.

This appearance is full of Airi's puns and therefore is both hilarious and cute at the same time.

Download link (720p HD, 110 MB, 5 mins): http://www.mediafire.com/?l7xn0l27iu96480

or streaming:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Aya Making DVD

Making of DVD of DAWA's new photobook.

There are plenty of funny,


and mature moments,

so DAWA and S/mileage fans both will want to check this one out.

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?p8ir3g98cj1c7

Thursday, February 16, 2012

[TPF] Gomennasai (subbed)

That's right, we subbed Buono!'s movie!

For those of you who know nothing about this movie besides the fact that Buono! stars in it, here are some basic plot points. Do note that there are some spoilers below, but nothing major. I'm not going to ruin the ending or anything, don't worry. All of the screenshots were taken from the first 10 minutes of the movie.

Miyabi plays the role of Kurohane Hinako, a very mysterious high school student that is bullied by nearly the whole class, partially due to jealousy (her grades are at the top of the class and she is a talented writer) and partially because they simply don't like her as a person. That's where Hidaka Yuka (played by Airi) comes in.

Yuka tries to be nice to Hinako and attempts to befriend her, which provokes this image:

...Creepy. Buono! as a whole does a pretty good job acting, but Miyabi definitely was the most convincing. I actually laughed a few times during the movie, not because it's funny, but because Miya's personality is like the complete opposite of the girl she portrays (and my goodness, the faces that she makes). She truly did an excellent job in the movie. I'll go as far to say that it's my favorite acting job from a H!P member, ever. Seriously, just look at this face:

Moving along with the plot, Momoko plays the role of Sonoda Shiori, who I'm guessing is the class representative. Shiori too is top of the class, but has been unable to beat Hinako's scores and becomes jealous of her because of that fact. Before long, Shiori leads her fellow classmates in bullying Hinako to the point where she decides to do something about it.

And that's where the killing starts. This movie is bloody. Really bloody. There isn't any on-screen gore, but tons of blood and and endless amount of creepy noises (which freaked the hell out of me out while I was timing this since I time using only the audio and hadn't seen the movie prior to working on it) makes up for it. Gomennasai is a great horror film (though the scare factor is very low, the creepy ambiance is perfect) and assuming that you can handle the blood, it's a must watch.

A few quick notes about the video itself: there is extra footage after the credits roll, so don't close the video! Also, this was encoded from the standard DVD (from the tracker - thanks to the uploader for uploading it). I hope that someone eventually uploads the Blu-ray ISO; that would be the only thing that could possibly make this movie sweeter.

Download link: 


Staff involved in this release:
Translation: SFGundam
Editing: Aleria Carventus
Timing & Encoding: Airiindeshou

Streaming on the website.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best filehosting website for medium/large files? [POLL]

So I'm still trying to find the perfect replacement for Megaupload (hint: it doesn't exist). Instead of me picking and choosing, I'll let you guys do it since you are the ones who will be downloading.

Here is a poll with a few of the websites I know about. Vote for whichever is best for you, or offer a new website in the comments.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The weekend Chobi met her idol

Just in case you didn't know, Buono! traveled to Paris this past weekend. Although it was expensive and difficult for her to save all of the money by herself, because she lives in France, absolutely nothing was going to stop Chobi from seeing the idol that she has admired for so long.

There was a lot of panic as to whether or not she'd get to go to one of the signing sessions because of a very limited amount of spots available, but thankfully, all worked out in the end. She was able to meet all of Buono! face-to-face, got a Buono! CD jacket signed, and was nice enough to think about me when she met Miya and even mentioned my name to her (the day before she left for Paris, we were talking about what she'd say to the girls if she got to meet them and I joked about saying that she should tell Miya that I love her - I never expected her to actually do it!).

There was a HelloPro! TIME cameraman present there as well, so there is a chance that Chobi will appear on a future HPT episode (she'll be easy to spot in her awesome kappa outfit) - how cool!

She did an excellent write-up on her personal blog, so go on and check it out!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

[TPF] HelloPro! TIME Episode 32 (subbed)

Footage from Mobekimasu's Yomiuri Land release event.

Download link:
http://www.mediafire.com/?ht119jdjk96s9 (requires you to join 3 split rar files)

You can also watch streaming on the website.

Staff involved in this release:
Translation: SFGundam
Editing: SaPe
Everything Else: Airiindeshou 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Morning Musume - Pyoko Pyoko Ultra Limited C download link

Pyoko Pyoko Ultra Lip. Ver,

Sato Masaki interview,

and Kudo Haruka's interview.

Lip Ver: http://www.mediafire.com/?tv7i9c6j2qefmmm
Masaki interview: http://www.mediafire.com/?f6tf9c83osqcwq9
Haruka interview: http://www.mediafire.com/?7q9vj8v6hvheqa7

Buy this single if you like it!