Sunday, July 3, 2011

HelloPro! Time Episodes 9 and 10 screenshots + download link

One of these days I'm going to actually be on time and not have to do a double post, but here's last week and this week's episode!

Episode 9's cameramen are Maimi, Manoeri, and DAWA.

Maimi is first. Riida is so pretty~

She's walking to meet up with Chisato and Mai for their date.

What's this? Chisato actually arrived before Maimi and is on time? It's a miracle!

Maimi's hair is the perfect length right now. Not too short, not too long. Oh riida <3

They arrive in a yakiniku place and they all decide to put up their hair in ponytails. Ponytail C-ute FTW!!

From ponytail C-ute to chibi C-ute. kyaaaawaaaaiiiiiiii

After that, Chisato hits her knee on the table and Haggy has giggle fits lol <3

Next up, cameraman Mano!

We get to see a little behind the scenes action from Manoeri's My Days for you PV.

And then cameraman DAWA.

They are at S/mileage's last concert as a 4nin group and Uchouten Love is their last single as a 4nin group.

This was my first time hearing it. It seems pretty cool.

Back to kyuuto deeto for a short while

and then Manoeri closes out the show.

Next week has moar Manochan. Next week is now!

Episode 10's cameramen are Manoeri, Nakky, and Kanyon.

Ah! Whose waiting across the street?

It's Aichan and she's armed with a second camera!

They head out to a Korean restaurant with an interesting banner.

Oh Mano <3

Nakky time.

Any guesses as to what Nakky is doing?

If you guessed touching herself, you're only half right. Give Peace The Chance


Back to Aichan and Mano at the restaurant, 

Aichan seems to be having the time of her life.

Kimchi cheese? lol okay

 Kanyon time. She shows us her pet rabbit

 that likes to run away from its owner.


Back at the restaurant, the server wants to give them some food that is still squirming.


Who says Aichan is boring? She was awesome during this date.

Moar Nakky.


Next week features a Kumai and Chinami date... and a foreigner? awesome

Episode 9 download link:

Episode 10 download link:

Thanks to the person who encoded those files.

Oh and I made gifs for both episodes but blogger doesn't like this many images in one post so I'll make a separate post for them later. Re;Buono! 1080p later, too


  1. Português > inglês
    Mellyssa (mellka)

    ai-chan fez uma careta bem legal. Baixou o santo naquela hora.kkkkk

  2. *cries*
    Goodbye, 4-nin S/mileage.

  3. Best Aichan cap ever omg. AMERICAN-JIN

  4. where are the subs ;_;

  5. Seem like the link for episode 10 missing..

  6. ^ It's working. There will be a subtitled version soon anyway.

  7. maybe my ISP got problem