Sunday, July 10, 2011

S/mileage's 2nd round auditions (7/9/11 on Niconico) screenshots + download link

Finally got the time to record, encode and upload this. Although I'm largely against this audition, it was quite a treat to watch in live to see what the audition process really is like (too bad I fell asleep half-way through it last night. Thankfully I was able to get a second shot at recording it from Niconico earlier today).

It started off with a large group of kids (pictured above) who made it to the second round. They filed in one by one and lined up, waiting for Tsunku to call on them.

Once it was a girl's turn, she had to do a self introduction (which was mostly clouded out by S/mileage songs; probably on purpose for their privacy), quickly perform a special talent, and answer any questions that Tsunku had.

Once that was over, the girls spread out and danced to Yume Miru 15. Some stood out, while others seemed to lag behind.

Two of my personal favorites from group one was number 1063,

as well as number 260.

I liked 1063-chan because during the group dance, she seemed to be giving it her all and genuinely enjoying it, instead of looking scared like a lot of the girls were. 260-chan wins for being cute

Honorable mention goes to number 9,

and number 801 (the one who raided Tsuji's closet and stole half of her bow collection).

Repeat this process one more time and you have seen most (you'll understand more in a minute) of the second round finalists complete part one of this second stage.

For group two, number 857,

and massage-chan were among my favorites.

Afterwards, the girls were called back in to the room in groups of four for the next part.

After more personal information censoring, they were required to expose their foreheads and show their teeth.

Next was singing time (13-chan was amazing, especially compared to the girl after her),

followed by more dancing.

Just when this whole process seemed to get repetitive, some familiar faces appeared.

That's right, it's Mogi, one of the girls who didn't make it into Morning Musume's 9th gen (also one of the newest Eggs).

And it didn't stop with Mogichan. A bunch of Eggs tried out and made it to the second round (including her fellow 9th gen finalist, Aina). I didn't get the chance to truly sit down and watch this far yet, but even skimming through, it was painfully obvious how much better even the newer Eggs were compared to the fresh faces.

I was both thrilled and saddened to see Takeuchi Akari (pictured above) and Miyamoto Karin (pictured below) here. Of course, I am happy for the both of them to make it this far (though I'm not surprised; I consider them the two most talented Eggs right now), but I'd much rather see them in Morning Musume. Personally, I think they fit Morning Musume better than S/mileage, which is a common thought I had throughout this video.

One of the major reasons why I wasn't very happy to hear about the S/mileage auditions is because the S/mileage members are (talent wise) so alike, anyone who joins (even an Egg) will stick out. There were a countless number of girls (most of which I didn't list above) that I was impressed with, but I just didn't feel like they would be good fits for S/mileage. But honestly, that could very well be the point of these auditions - to find a fresh face or two that shakes things up. There are a select few that seem to be pretty good fits (Ribbon-chan probably is #1) and this audition doesn't seem to be short on talent, so at least it will be interesting to see what happens.

Download link (341 MB):

Here are a few notes on the encode itself:

The Niconico stream lasted for about 3 hours, but I edited a lot of the waiting (staring at a camera pointed at the floor) out of it, so the total runtime of this encode is roughly two hours and fifteen minutes.

It's a pretty small filesize because the video resolution is only 442x326. No use in making it huge and degrading the quality in the process. (You can just watch it in fullscreen if the small video screen bothers you that much.)

And finally, a couple of glitches are present. There are multiple instances where either the audio drops out or the video spazzes (or maybe something random that I didn't catch), but they don't last more than a second or two so they aren't major problems.


  1. Thank you very much for the encode!

  2. Thanks for this, but the download link isn't working? 0.o I was looking forward to watching it and fell asleep accidentally last night.

  3. Nice, thank you!

    Hehe, Sayuki, sleepy-eyed panda-chan.

    Yeah, Ribbon-chan is a shoe-in. But I think Tamura Meimi (Shugo Chara stage play's Yaya) and Otsuka Aina would also be good fits as well.

    3001 - Mogi Minami (from 9th Gen Momusu auditions)
    3002 - Miyamoto Karin
    3003 - Katsuta Rina
    3004 - Otsuka Aina (from 9th Gen Momusu auditions)
    3005 - Takeuchi Akari
    3006 - Kaneko Rie
    3007 - Takagi Sayuki
    3008 - Nagazawa Wakana

  4. -- Tamura Meimi is contestant 13.

  5. Wait, I refreshed it and now it's working. Sorry for the confusion XD

  6. Eee I was looking for this everywhere. Thank you <3

  7. Even though I am also opposed to this audition, if S/mileage really needs to get a new member, I really hope they pick Miyamoto Karin.
    And I think I'm the only one who doesn't like Meimi, but I really don't like her.

  8. lacieleia: There's actually quite a few people who don't like her. There's a commenter who was very vocal about not liking her to the point of saying they wouldn't like my video for the sheer fact that Meimi was in it. Bogus! Not that I really care since UFA will probably slam the video eventually... But still, people are weird.

    The comments:

    I'm also shocked that my 3000s video has 10 dislikes... out of 59 thumbs! LOL!!!

  9. @Hidders: Oh okay, at least I'm not the only one. She was Yaya? I mean if she was Yaya, then she was an adorable Yaya, but her voice, I dunno. I really don't like it. (And my favorite S/mileage member is DAWA, so I have a thing for high pithed, squeaky voices.)

  10. lacieleia: Yeah. I think I'm one of the few who doesn't like DAWA. Despite being the oldest she does have the most child-like voice and not in a neat way like Momoko. I like the idea of Meimi in the group because of her high voice, it's the sound of old S/mileage to me. I like indies S/mileage a heck of a lot more than I like the current S/mileage, I hope they can go back to that.

    I hope some of my favorites makes it into the group, I promise not to make a fuss about the other members if they do! -- Hmm, I really do think Aina might get it... She seems like a good fit for S/mileage.

  11. Thanks for the upload.

    I agree. S/mileage is perfect the way they are, even with DAWA's vocals.

    i think after what happened with Sayashi, that Maimi will join.

    I read over at Pure Idol Heart that #801 might not get in because it's unknown if she has a contract with AVEX.

    As for the eggs. Mogi's trying so hard and Sayuki might suit S/mileage more than Karin and Akari.

  12. I'm upset... It says it's been seized due to some U.S. rule or something. I really wanted to watch the rest of the girls... I never got to.