Saturday, August 13, 2011

S/mileage Uchouten LOVE Single V download link

The normal PV,

close-up version,

and the making of.

Normal PV download link:

Close Up version download link:

Making of download link:


  1. is your favorite Kanon?? XD
    because it is mine! with Yuuka! :3

  2. Will you also upload the dance shot version? Since the one on YT is a bad version, and I would like to have good qualities :D

  3. Thanks once again for the PVs you post here, your encodes are the best!
    But please don't forget to encode the making ofs as 60fps, they play a lot smoother that way.
    Just compare yours to the one posted at the H!O tracker.

  4. 60 fps

  5. <3 Kanon's my fav too.

    This has been the most amusing Making Of from them that I have seen. I love all the camera-whoring from Kanon.

    As much as I'd love to see Aibon and Kanon do something/anything together I'd also like to see Ayaka and LinLin together. DAWA totally looks like LinLin at times!

    I'm slowly falling in love with Yuuka... So cute when her personality is shining.

    *sigh* Golden Idol laughs from Saki and Kanon... I'm in heaven!

  6. Thanks for the 60fps version jedimastertrunks, it looks great! And thank you also for all of the TPF releases, I enjoy them a whole lot!