Friday, August 12, 2011

[TPF] HelloPro! Time Episode 16 (subbed) download link

The S/mileage audition bootcamp special episode!

Watch as the girls are scolded,


and check out their path to the 3rd round that we saw on Niconico a couple of weeks ago.

Download link:

Or watch streaming on the website if you prefer.

Staff involved in this release:
Translation: SFGundam
Timing: Airiindeshou
Editing: LoveSayumin
Encoding: Airiindeshou

And don't worry, we didn't forget about episodes 14 and 15 - they are being worked on as you're reading this and will be released soon as well. We just wanted to make absolutely sure we got this out before the announcement. So, the HPT release spree isn't over with yet!

Also, we could always use fresh faces to help us work on videos like this. Contact me if interested!


  1. Here's yet another THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    Both the speed and the quality of TPF's releases is astounding!

    Now let's see what the mean sensei's said to the girls.

  2. Oh boy.
    It's coming up soon.
    We will soon find out about the new members.
    I'm going to cry and I don't know if it's from joy or sadness.
    Thanks for the subtitles once again you guys~

  3. There will be 3 new Members an Takeuchi Akari will be one of them. JOKE! Just dreamed that last night and I'll take it as a sign xD
    Thank you very very very much for the episodes, they are so much more fun to watch. I think I won't watch the new ones without subs, and wait instead for your subbed version!

  4. I don't see why Tsunku likes Rio. Her unnecessary movements annoy the hell out of me. xD I'm rooting for KARIN, Akari, and Tamura. (: The Korean girl has a pretty voice, but she struggles alot with Japanese.

  5. I agree with Maiko about Rio, definitely. And Maiko's choices. Except instead of Akari, I actually would like to see Dayeon in S/mileage.

    So I'm all for Dayeon, Tamura, and KARIN OH SO MUCH.

  6. I think Rio should be in whether we like it or not.

    If you imagine the girls in S/mileage with the other 4, Karin and Rio fits pretty well. And Dayeon would look out of place since she is not consider cute but pretty. Also she is taller than all of them.

    I will be surpris if Tsunku picked girls that will make the original 4 less relevant.

  7. The original 4 being less relevant would probably make me want to scream.
    I don't care who joins, but if they just steal the spotlight from these 4 girls, I will be so upset.

    I'm all for fairness and equal lines.

  8. Whoever joins is definitely going to have the spotlight on them, just like 9th gen. But, S/mileage will be their senpai and no matter who joins (even any Eggs), they will be inexperienced compared to them.

    I wouldn't worry about stealing spotlight from S/mileage; 2nd gen will go through growing pains and will take a while to get used to being in a fairly successful major group.

    Also I've really warmed up to Karin in S/mileage. I still would rather have her in Morning Musume, but she seems to prefer S/mileage, so TEAM KARIN YES

  9. And now it's just less than a day until we finally know the results~

  10. I'm super excited and worried at the same time omg! *crosses fingers*

  11. I don't mind who all gets in as long as Karin does.~ <3 I've always loved her since I've seen her in Sin Mini Moni. ;D

  12. I hope Karin gets in! <3

    Btw, when will the real audition results be announce?

  13. At the last date for this year's H!P Summer concert, which is tomorrow. So about 17 hours from now.

  14. Meimi doesn't get in!? Wha~?
    *downloads to figure out what's going on*

    I'm REALLY behind on my H!P downloading so I haven't a clue what's going on with HP!T.