Sunday, August 21, 2011

H!P on 24H TV download link

Most of the Hello! Project members made appearances on the 24 Hour TV show (as the name implies, it's a 24 hour show that happens every year to raise money for charity).

Morning Musume and Dream Morning Musume did a short medley:

And S/mileage, Kikka, and bump.y performed a medley of Candies (FYI, C-ute's Shouchuu single is a cover of the Candies original) songs:

bump.y's Matsuri-chan is so short its cute lol. and i completely approve of the Horikita Maki close up shots in the beginning <3 <3

Up Up Girls (formally known as Up-Front Girls) also made an appearance but I haven't found a video of their performance yet. I'll edit this post if/when I do.

Morning Musume/Dream Morning Musume medley download link:

S/mileage/Kikka/bump.y medley download link:

Both are in 720p HD and are about 3 minutes each.

Also, apparently S/mileage alone raised 445,000 yen (that's almost $5000!!) by selling signed goods (thanks to amped for the info). 


  1. I'm watching the whole show from the beginning so I'm not going to spoil myself in watching this ^^

  2. oh em gee she's so short l0L

  3. They weren't many s/mileage shot :( But the submember were there!

  4. Can anyone tell me the names of the songs that Morning Musume and Dream Morning Musume performed?

    Thanks in advance :)

  5. ^ First, "Love Machine" then "Renai Revolution 21", then "Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru" together.