Sunday, August 21, 2011

Music Japan 8/7/2011 download link

The full Music Japan show from a few weeks ago.

Ichiro Suzuki,

naked old guys,

and swamp monsters trying to eat small children? yep it's a japanese show all right

Oh and there were musical performances too.

Suga Shikao,



Kis-My-Ft2 (on roller-sakes!),


 and Mizuki Nana were this episode's guests. All of them except Suga Shikao had a talk segment, as well.

Download link:

It's 30 minutes long, 612 MB, and 1024x576.


  1. Thanks~
    Where do you find these episodes, because I guess the one with SHINee on it is actually supposed to be on like the 28th or something.

    Mizuki Nana's performance was wonderful, she never ceases to amaze me~

  2. I mainly get things like this from jpopsuki, a private tracker. But, you can still find some episodes on H!O. For example, here is this week's:

  3. Last time I tried to register for H!O, I never got my validation, I just tried registering again, and was able to because I guess the other account was deleted, still haven't gotten validation. Should I contact an admin?

  4. Check your spam folder. A lot of times emails like that will be mistaken for spam. If it's not there, then yeah, contact an Admin.

  5. Yup, I checked spam, not there.

    I sent an email to the admin and got it returned saying that the email address is non-existent, so I have no idea what to do now.

  6. That's weird, I just tried registering a random account and got the email instantly.

    What I would suggest is creating a new account and go here:

    Copy that email address and use it to register. Then, when you get the email, log in and change your email to your normal one.

  7. Okay I'm registered,
    But it says that if I change my email, I'll have to reactivate my account.

  8. And then i remembered my other email address, and used that, so it's all good now ^^;;;

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  10. yo.... if you need help encoding other shows... give me a shout ^^