Friday, July 1, 2011

Buono! - Re;Buono! Concert 720p 480p HD

Before I begin with the giant wall of text let me first say that the 1080p version isn't ready yet. When I was encoding it yesterday, I noticed something I wanted to change and ultimately decided it would be best to start over on it. The resulting encode will take another five hours to finish, plus a day to upload so I didn't want to delay this post when I already have the other two versions ready.

screenshot from the 720p version (click on it for fullsize)

Now you probably noticed that I already did a 480p encode from the blu-ray disc (in less than a week, it's become Airii~n deshou?!'s most popular post of all time!), but this 480p version is superior in ever way. It has all of the bells and whistles that the HD versions does, but at a much smaller filesize. It even looks better than the 30fps rip linked above. Here is a screenshot comparison: 

I would suggest opening both in new tabs and clicking back and forth between the two. You should be able to see that the second image is much sharper, and thus, you can see more detail in Miyabi's face. It's still not perfect, but it looks better, I think.

And now onto the 720p version.

Even when re-sized by Blogger, it looks much better than the 480p versions. Click on it and it blows the other two out of the water. Through the power of Blu-ray, you can see every shiny detail of Buono!'s hot outfits throughout this concert.

No matter what version you choose, the extras are the same. Both have the full setlist in chapter form,

as well as dual audio. There are actually two audio tracks included with this release - the regular concert audio and commentary audio. On the commentary audio, Momo, Airi, and Miya watches the concert just as you are, and makes whatever comments comes to mind. It's a great way to watch the concert a second time after you've seen it already.

To listen to the second audio track in Media Player Classic, click on "Navigate", then "Audio Language", then click on the commentary audio:

In VLC, click "Audio", then "Audio track", select the second track.

In Zoom Player, right click anywhere on the video screen, click on "Stream Selection", and select the commentary audio.

For other video players - well I'm sure you can figure it out.

I'm still learning how to encode blu-ray DVDs (and really I'm still learning about encoding in general), but I think this 720p encode is the best I've ever done. Of course, the original blu-ray DVD looks so much better and you should totally buy it if you have the money, but otherwise I hope you enjoy these encodes!

The 1080p version should be done encoding and uploading Sunday, but tomorrow I'll have another blu-ray concert ready!

720p HD Download link:


720p Bonus Footage:


  1. Hangry & Angry live from France's Japan Expo in under 13 hours.

  2. Thank you for your 60fps rip.

    I love 60fps video. Usually 60fps video motion is kinda 'fast' but smooth. But I can't see any difference between 30fps version that I've downloaded from tracker.

    I used to ask/request some uploader/encoder at H!O about 60fps rip concert. He said that not all Bluray/DVD can support 60fps, it depends on the source itself. I don't know though how to determine if it's support 60fps or not.

    Example for not supporting 60fps (as that guy said) :
    MM Rival Survival
    MM PikaPika
    C-ute Cho Uranaito

    So I wonder though does this Bluray really support 60fps?

    I'm not complaining thought, it's just if it can't really support 60fps, your Hotfile hotlink traffic kinda wasted.

  3. ^ It is true that every video is different and one can't just use cookie cutter settings for each video.

    To be honest, there are a ton of things about encoding that I still do not know. If you can't see a difference between the 30fps and 60fps versions, then you're probably right.

    The back of the box says 59.94i, which I assumed to mean that it is natively 60fps. However, after some quick research, I now realize that it actually means that it has a field rate of 60 (as opposed to a frame rate of 60, which is different).

    Basically, it probably is natively 29.97 fps and I just failed at reading and understanding what it actually meant.

    Converting to 60fps is possible using a 30i or 60p source and it seems like this was neither. There still are ways to fake 60fps using motion interpolation, but this video was not encoded that way (because, like I said above, I was originally wrong).

    This Wikipedia article on field rate, this Wikipedia article on motion interpolation, and this discussion can explain things better than I ever could.

    sorry for the long wall of text

  4. Please re-upload.

  5. On mediafire, for the 720p version, i'm not able to download the part 13. The download doesn't start :(

    Could you please reupload it ?

  6. On mediafire, for the 720p version, i'm not able to download the part 8. The download is error...
    re-upload please...

  7. thanks for reuploaded the 8th part....

  8. thanks
    much thank, you're a god