Friday, August 26, 2011

My latest CDJapan haul

Yesterday I got another package from CDJapan:

Buono!'s partenza mini-album (after listening to it multiple times, I can safely say that it is my favorite H!P album of all time), Uchouten Love, and Aa yo ga Akeru.

With partenza came a rather large poster (that's what the green tube above is):

Close up of the awesomeness:

And this isn't H!P and it didn't come yesterday (it came a few weeks ago), but this is also another single I got from CDJapan.

Momoiro Clover Z's D' no Junjou. Tommyvd is the one who convinced me to buy it, with a blog post of his. Thanks tommy! The fact that the PV is amazing, the song is good, and because it was much cheaper than normal singles, I had to buy it.


  1. Nice haul (finally get a good look at the Partenza poster)

    Glad I "convinced" you to purchase the Momoclo (Z) single. I think Momoclo is a group many H!P fans would easily enjoy as well. :D

  2. It comes with a poster????? I MUST GET IT!!!! I'm such a huge Buono fan and yet I don't have a single Buono! CD. I NEEEEEEED IT!!!!

  3. I seriously want Partenza and Aa yo ga Akeru but after buying every version of Uchouten Love and the two Japanese SHINee singles, my parents will kill me. I mean, it's my money, and our circumstances have gotten better but they still might kill me. Soon, though. Soon.

  4. Momoclo rocks!

    Although with Akari leaving makes me sad (she was my fav.). I still love them ^^



  5. sweet and momiro clover z too hehe love it