Thursday, August 18, 2011

[TPF] S/mileage new member announcement (subbed)

Subtitled version of the MC that was uploaded to the official S/mileage channel earlier.

It's a 10 minute long MC where Tsunku revealed the new members for the first time. Also, at the beginning and the end, you are treated to a special Tsunku cover of Uchouten Love. It's pretty awesome.

Keep in mind that since the DVD (for the 2011 H!P Summer Concerts) are still many months away, this Youtube rip is the only version we have of it (though that could change on this week's HPT episode). So, the quality isn't amazing. I did what I could with it.

Download link:

If you don't want to download, you can always watch on our official website.

Staff involved in this release:

Translation: SFGundam
Timing: Airiindeshou
Editing: Aleria Carventus
Encoding: Airiindeshou

As always, we're looking for more talented people to join, especially translators and typesetters!


  1. Thank you very much.

  2. Thank you very much for this~

    I have come to like Fuyuka, and I'm not sure why.
    It also seemed that DAWA and Yuuka were super happy about Meimi (I'm guessing because of the Shugo Chara Musical?) and for Rina and Akari as well.

    "I feel like I am being a pervert" I DIED. I SWEAR THEY READ MY MIND THOUGH.