Monday, July 11, 2011

[TPF] Berryz on the Hunter (subbed) download link

Remember when I posted about an epic Berryz Koubou TV appearance called the Hunter? We've subtitled into English!

Indeed Yurina, indeed.

It starts off with a fake drama involving the hosts for a few minutes,

and then the hosts travel to Nakano Sun Plaza to meet with Berryz before their concert starts.

After watching the concert,

the fake drama is wrapped up

and the hosts sit down for a seven minute talk segment with Berryz.

I definitely would say this is one of the better Ai no Dangan promotional TV appearances (and it's long too - 21 minutes!) so all Berryz fans are recommended to watch!

Download link (720p HD, 21 minutes, 604 MB):

Staff involved in this release:
Translation: SFGundam
Editing: Aleria Carventus
Timing, Encoding & QC: Airiindeshou

Or watch on Youtube on the official TPF site.


  1. I've seen this in RAW, so I'm so happy you guys subbed this!
    You really know what we viewers love ^.^

  2. can you guys upload using mediafire? My country banned the megaupload website T^T thank you!

  3. ^ I forgot to mention it but you can watch on youtube here:

    Mediafire doesn't allow uploading files larger than 200 MB