Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Airii~n deshou?! turns 1!

Today marks the day when I posted my first entry in Airii~n deshou?! That means today is this blog's birthday, yay!

I was planning on rolling out a completely new blog design but it wouldn't have been ready in time, so I decided against it. Speaking of blog designs, anyone remember the old AD?! design? It was pretty ugly. I don't have a picture of it (thankfully), but here is a picture of AD?! version two:

This blog has grown so, so much in such a short time. In September 2010, AD?! had a total of 306 page views. July 2011 alone had over 110,000 views. It's all thanks to you guys! Minna saikou <3


  1. Congratulatons!! and you're welcom!!!...
    I just starten mine in februari.... but I hope so much persons know my blog!! ^^

  2. Congrats! This site is a great resource for fans! Keep it up!

  3. Congratulation!! Your blog is beautiful!!

  4. Happy Birthday Senpai's Blog :D :D

    And I think both themes are great ^^

  5. Congratulations! Your blog is awesome! I got mesmerized the first I came upon your by chance on Google! Thanks for all the uploads!

  6. Congratz...from the Netherlands
    I only started checking this blog a few months ago when I coincidentally came across it :) Now I check it everyday. I hope you keep up the good work :D

  7. Congratulation! \(^o ^)/
    Tanjoubi omedetou ^o^

    its been a half year since i've been looking on this blog for the first time.
    i am a c-ute fan, i like airi, and its really nice to have a c-ute fan contributing c-ute's stuffs and other h!p's stuffs too.
    you are really awesome sharing files like this so that other h!p fans can enjoy the same happiness of liking h!p idol groups. b(^- ^)

    may you have a long lasting posts continue to contribute spreading the happiness to the world (^ - ^)

  8. Congratulations!! i came to your blog because your youtube account, and from that day i´ve been vsiiting your blog everyday.

    the design is not a problem if you use a C-ute member as image xDD

  9. Congraaats!!!! :DDDDD Oh and let it be known that I was the one who said your blog was too dark and you needed to post things other than Encoding. ;)

  10. Congrats~
    And here's to another year of Hello!Project goodness!

  11. Congrats Keep up all your good work!!!!


  12. Your blog is fantastic! As an H!P fan, I'm really grateful for all your hard work.

    Congrats on your 1-year anniversary, and I hope you have many more anniversaries to come.

  13. Wow, congrats! I thought you'd been around longer than that.

  14. congrattttttttttttttttssss : D happy for everyone

  15. happy birthday blog-chan ;u;

  16. Congratulation!!

    Keep On Moving!!

    I Love Your Blog!!

    1week not open your blog can make me crazy!!


  17. Happy birthday Airi~in Deshou?! Sucks that I could not be home to celebrate with style.