Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saki's last day in S/mileage

It's officially over (in Japan). Ogawa Saki is no longer a member of Hello! Project or S/mileage. She graduated at an Uchouten Love promotional event on the 27th and staff streamed some of it to the fans.

It includes two performances and MCs and is 20 minutes long. It's low quality, but it's all we have of the event (and probably all we'll ever get). Bye Bye Sakichy.

Download link:

You can read a translation of the MC here.


  1. *curls up in a ball and cries* I hate that it had to end so QUICKLY!!!!!! It might have been easier if we had had a warning in advance but NOOOOOO they just HAD to tell us less than a week before it happened. :'( THIS SUCKS!!!

  2. I found it interesting that although staff initially tweeted that a stream would be impossible it happened anyway.

    This is probably complete wishful thinking (due to an overactive imagination) but part of me thinks it was a manager going: "screw you UFA, I'm streaming this anyway"

    Oh what dreams we have....