Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rock'n Buono! 4 concert streaming + download link

Buono!'s concert live on Youtube.

Had some problems with my recording program again (I really need a new one...) - the audio was out of sync in various parts, making it virtually impossible to fix.

Here is someone else's recording from the tracker: The problem with that recording is it doesn't work in Media Player Classic (or any other Directshow reliant video player like Zoom Player), but mostly works fine in VLC and Windows Media Player.

Here is my recording: It plays fine in any player, but the audio is out of sync about 45% of the time. You can download whichever one you want, but both videos have problems.

Or you can watch the concert streaming (it starts at about 10 minutes):


  1. Thanks a ton!

    Oh noes~ Have to pick the lesser of two evils on this one and go with the FLV.

  2. thanx a lot for the DL!!

    i always look forward to reading ur blog everday, keep it up!:)

  3. oh Hidders was right, i enjoyed the 1st part more than last part ^^

    Tahanks for the video!

  4. UWWAAA Thank you so much!! Mind if I make a review of it?
    Partenza ~Let's Go! - LOVE IT. The opening music was quite cool too. They were lip syncning, weren't they? Guess this song is too autotuned to sing it live :/
    Frankincense - HOT! Omg. such a sexy dance!
    Rottara Rottara - Remember the cute music video? Can't stop thinking of it, so it didn't fit after Miyas sexy song (and the outfits) at all xD
    Kira Kira - At first I thougt it was -Winter Story- x.x Just can't keep this song in mind, though it's on my mp3-player!
    Kia Ora Gracias Arigato - I alwys get goose bumps at the line 'Minna no egao ga mabushi yo', Momo sings so well here!
    Blue Sky Blue - lol. Momo: "Soredewa-" [music alredy starts]; good performance, only Miya's voice was quite hoarse in the second verse o.o
    My alright sky - OMG AIRI! *faints* She has totaly blown me away with this. The song just fits her voice so much! (her english spelling wasn't bad either ;D)
    MC - Momo! Mistaking Miya and Airi...unforgivable ! xD
    Kiss Kiss Kiss - My good mood song. Had to dance along!
    Renai Rider - Kinda short. Liked the band intro, though.
    Muteki no ∞ Power - Sounded so different with the band!
    Nakimushi Shounen - I especially liked Miyas voice in this. In the beginning she sings after strong-voiced Airi, and I expected her voice to sound much more Miya-like (not weak!). But then: BAM! Strong!
    1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou - The beginning was cool~ And somehow I really like the instrumental here. Btw, ever since I heard this song it reminded me of Juicy He@rt. funny that they sung it right after Junjou na Kanjou.
    JUICY HE@RT - My favourite Buono song! <3 Poor Miya, her voice just cracked in the concert of the live streaming and DVD-recoreding >.<
    Ice Mermaid - This song is kinda unfair for Momo and Miya, huh? Since it's so deep, it fits Airi's voice the best. However, I like the feeling of it, because in concert it has a totally different feeling! (can't explain it)
    Our Songs - Nostalgic...the last single with dance shot... nevertheless good performance!
    Lady Panther - Nothing can beat the leo-printed outfits of the "We are Buono!"-concert! I think the sexy outfits of the first part of the show would've fit better~
    Janakya Mottainai! - This song is awesome! (Which of Buono song isn't?) I should listen to it more often. Cool guitar-solo!
    MY BOY - <3 Best Buono single ever! Airi's "My Boy!" was strong! Okay everyone is in this song.
    Natsu Dakara - I knew this wasn't a good idea to put this song at the end of the concert. They had troubles with the high notes. And no offense, but the "Dakara" of the background-singers sounded really wierd. :/
    Warp - *grabs a sock spins it round*

    Sorry for the long comment! But I like telling everyone my opinion... Maybe I should open up a blog myself, so I don't spam comments like this~ Thanks a lot again!