Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Morning Musume PV previews

This week's HPT episode was all Morning Musume and we got a look at two of the PVs.

Both of them are seriously amazing. This is definitely turning out to be a top notch single <3

If you want to make Aichan's last single a success, you can buy it!


  1. I wonder if Single V sales on this one will be up?
    I'm betting they will

  2. oh em gee -is in the process of blogging about the pv-

  3. I like the second PV best!

    You can definitely tell the dance was designed with Eripon and Zukki in mind. It's so simple that it's painful to watch. Pretty disappointed since the dance is usually a big deciding factor for me. I can't see myself getting psyched to see this in concert.

    Only You should have been Ai's final single.