Saturday, July 9, 2011

Buono! in a movie! (updated)

The release date is unknown right now, but what we do know is that all three members will star in a movie called Gomennasai.

Yay for even more movies featuring Airi! And it's another horror movie! My favorite~

EDIT: Tokyograph has revealed more details including the plot:

“Gomennasai” is a horror story set in a high school in the Kanagawa prefecture. The three main characters are Hidaka Yuka (Suzuki Airi), Kurobane Hinako (Natsuyaki Miyabi), and Sonoda Shiori (Tsugunaga Momoko). The story starts when Shiori is unable to beat the talented Hinako in a test, and she begins getting harassed about it. Hinako is later forced to write the script for a play that will be performed at the school festival, but from that point on, people around them begin to mysteriously die one by one.

Visit Tokyograph for more info.


  1. 「ごめんなさい・・・」^^
    I LOVE THAT WORD!! XD ♥ Buono! in a movie !! I really can't believe it this is like (Oosama Game) in the cast are all the Berryz Koubou & ºC-ute !! ♥♥ I have to see those movies!! XD

  2. maybe one said herp derp will get hit with another pole

  3. YAY! But why do they keep starring them horrors? I hope none of them end up in a bad situation.

  4. wahahahahaha . . .
    I can't wait . . .

  5. Lol it's always horror movies.

  6. 4 movies for Airi this year,

    Keitai Kanojo
    Vampire Stories
    Ousama Game
    And This... lol

  7. Horror again? They want to fool me, right? I almost died at Keitai Kanojo, because I get scared so easily. x.x

  8. I squealed when I saw this. More Airi awesomeness! ^^

  9. I cannot wait for this movie, it seems really interesting! Now that I've read the synopsis. And Miya's in it~