Friday, August 5, 2011

[TPF] HelloPro! Time Episode 10 (subbed) download link

Another subtitled HPT episode!

There is an Aichan/Manoeri dinner date,

exercising with Nakky,

and Kanyon's pet rabbit.

Download link:

If you don't want to download, watch streaming on the website. There is also a word bank section that explains some Japanese terms that would take up too much screen space to do in the video.

Staff involved in this release:

Translation: SFGundam
Timing: Airiindeshou
Editing: Aleria Carventus
Encoding: Airiindeshou

If you can typeset or translate, contact me!


  1. Thanks! I hope TPF can sub HelloPro! Time episode 4,5 and 6! :D

  2. Episode 5 was already subtitled by another group. We'll get around to the older episodes once we catch up to the current one.

  3. Nice! Aichan and Manoeri. I love Aichan in this eps ^__^

    Thank you :thumbup: