Saturday, August 13, 2011

New S/mileage (sub) members outnumber their senpai

Announced at the first of three H!P Summer Concerts today (so much for leaving it for the last one!), the new members are Katsuta Rina,

Takeuchi Akari,

Kosuga Fuyuka,

Tamura Meimi,

and Nakanishi Kana!

The official S/mileage staff twitter did confirm that the members were announced,

but did not tweet exactly who. Thankfully, Japanese fans have been tweeting like crazy over the news and Yahoo! Japan news has an article up about it now, so its official!

In total, we have 5 new members - two Eggs and three regular auditionees. Meimi isn't surprising; I think she fits S/mileage the most. Kosuga is a pretty safe pick - she didn't royally screw up nor did she shine brighter than everyone. She'll be a solid idol. Kana seems to have an uplifting personality (and Kansai-ben is awesome), which works in her favor. Akari is (was) the 2nd most talented Egg - again, no surprises there.

The real shocker for me is Rina. I was certain that at least two Eggs would make it, but I never would have expected Rina over Karin, especially since she was the only Egg that messed up. Though, this could work out for the better. I've always wanted Karin in Morning Musume and if she becomes a 10th gen member, I will jump for joy.

It should be noted that they are all sub-members. They will participate in the next single and their fate will be decided at their Fall tour. They could all become full time members, stay sub-members, or be kicked out (probably demoted to Egg status; doubtful they would just "fire" them).

Here are the new members together:

EDIT: The official S/mileage website is now updated with new profile pics.

Nakanishi <3


  1. Meimi wasn't a shock at all, but seriously, I'm kinda surprised by the others.
    If Karin isn't in Momusu now I will be so upset. She seriously had the cute factor and voice for S/mileage, and is most likely the most popular egg right now.

  2. So...many...members... I like it with just 4!!!!! :'( Having a lot of members just makes it feel so crowded...

    I'm not surprised at all that Akari made it. She just fits S/mileage like perfectly! But I CANNOT believe that Karin didn't make it!!!!!! She was one of my favorites! I'm glad Rina made it, because she has a good S/mileage voice. ;)

  3. I can't believe i'm saying this, but, they're actually all super cute and i'm really excited o__o

  4. Wait so there were four members, and now there's 5 new SUB members? That's weird I thought they were going to choose 1 new member... Oh well

  5. I knew right away that any of the girls older then Wada Ayaka didn't have a chance. There'd be no way a new girl off the street would walk in & become leader with all the blood, sweat & tears the original four have put it.

    I was expecting 2 Eggs & two off the street myself. I agree whole heartedly. I felt Miyaoto Karin & Takeuchi Akari were the best of the group. Was surprised to wake up this morning & find Karin-chan didn't make it, but if Tsunku-san has his eye on her for Morning Musume's 10th Generation, so much the better 8)

    The only one I find questionable and/or least favorite is Kosuga Fuyuka. We'll see if she makes it through this Sub-member trial. Perhaps 4 new members is his intent from the beginning & the 5th being used to keep public interest in who in the end gets booted. If ture I feel for the poor girl all ready.

  6. Idk what to expect anymore. *sighs*
    I want Karin. *double sighs*

  7. Wow, I was so nervous all day because I couldn't go online this morning xD
    I'm pretty happy about the results. But Fuyuka and Kana didn't stood out for me, so I'll see how they make it in the group. I think I'm the happiest one with the choice of the eggs. The three are so experienced and good, that I wished Akari and Rina make it into S/milage and Karin to Morning Musume. Next to Akari, who I wanted to be in the group the most (because I dreamed of her winning the audition lol), I wanted to see Meimi in the group too. Rio would have been interesting too, but for now I'm quite happy with the new menbers.

    Damn you Tsunku! ;w;

  9. FHOMrfdiojgosdf por que???????????????
    That Skinny girl!!!! that I don't like!!!
    there are only 2 that I like that Meimi and Kana the another are (!·"$%&/)
    even if I know that I'll love them latter I DON'T LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. congratulations to new members......i haven´t followed the audition but it´s an advantage since i don´t have a special favourite XDD

    Good for Akari, i liked her as egg ^^

  11. Damn! Karin deserves in...