Sunday, July 3, 2011

Re;Buono! concert 1080p HD 60fps download link

Would've had this done Friday, but I decided to start over to fix something. I also dialed the bitrate down a tiny bit, which reduced the filesize by a lot (it was looking to be like 9 GB, but it's now around 7 GB).

Click to see Miya's beauty in fullsize

Here is a comparison picture - first 720p and then 1080p. Click on them to see the fullsize versions.

Download links (7.26 GB):

Download all four parts and join with winrar, 7zip, or whatever program you use that can read .rar files.

This version does have some differences from the other blu-ray rips. The obvious one being it's 1080p, but I also raised the main audio quality a bit. This is the best quality you're going to get (from me at least) without downloading the whole 35 GB ISO (no, I'm not uploading that too lol). Hotlink will be turned on until Friday (or until my remaining traffic runs out; I have 90 GB left), so enjoy the fast speeds while you can.