Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[TPF] Berryz on Hey! Hey! Hey! 7/4/11 (subbed)

Subbed version of Berryz Koubou's Hey!x3 appearance!

this screenshot is full of lulz
There is a minute long talk at the beginning among the hosts, then a VTR is shown involving Berryz, then another brief talk segment, then Berryz perform Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi, and finally there is another talk segment involving the hosts and Berryz themselves.

The Berryz portion of this episode was relatively short (5 minutes total), but it's pretty cool nonetheless. Big thanks to megchan.com for the song translation. The rest of the credits are at the beginning of the video. Enjoy~

Download link (5 minutes, 720p HD, 302 MB): 

This will be on the tracker soon, so if you download it from here, it would be nice if a couple people help seed. Since you downloaded it here and not on the tracker, it won't count towards your download ratio, but it will increase your upload ratio. It's win-win!


  1. Wow, Berryz, you're very 4th of July!
    It feels weird to hear them perform that song as well, lol.
    Do you have the whole episode?

  2. It's PonPon's 14th birthday today!

    And they celebrated Maasa's 19th birthday (7/3) today after the concert. The concert itself was a little disappointing. They played 30 minutes of PVs and just when I was about to give up they shown the Berryz backstage. They sung a bunch of summer songs back-to-back with only 2 MC breaks (impressive) but the quality of the singing needed some TLC. Tons of tone-deafness going on. Sadly, they didn't promote "Ai no Dangan" by singing it. Too bad you didn't watch, I actually managed to watch it all the way through without getting thrown out. I'm not sure which counter meant what but it looked like they either hit 15k or maybe even over 100k.

  3. @Leia: Yeah, I have the whole episode but I have no plans of encoding it unless there is demand for it. So far, only two people (including you) have requested it.

    @Hidders: If you clicked the Time Warp button prior to the concert(the yellow button with a clock on it), you can watch it on-demand. I'll watch and record it whenever I get 2 free hours unless someone beats me to it. They had over 46,000 views and 150,00 comments.