Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sekaiichi Happy na Onnanoko radio rip

C-ute's new single aired on Maimi's radio show yesterday:

I like it a lot more than Momoiro Sparkling, but I'm still waiting for C-ute return to their Kiss me Aishiteru form. I can't wait to see the PV. A well done PV will definitely get me one step closer to falling in love with this single.

Download link:

Here's the whole radio show just in case anyone wants to listen:

And don't forget to buy this single if you like it!


  1. I love the verses but i cant seem to remember the Chorus :/ probably my least fav single D:

  2. I think that too... say that ºC-ute return Kiss me Aishiteru form... I really when listened the name I thought it as a sad... or with a rythum as Aitai Lonely Christmas or Sehishun Collection.... but when I listened the Concert rip I thought "mmmm.... so much Happy... XD" and now I listen the Radip rip and I say... WAO! so much more HAPPY!! XD this single remembers me theri first singles....

    I ♥ ºC-ute
    LAS AMO!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This year my favourite has been Kiss me aishiteru too ^^ but still i love this song

  4. This is better than Momoiru Sparkling, but I agree that Kiss Me Aishiteru was a great genre for C-ute. Actually, I tend to prefer C-ute's mature songs to their cutesy songs. For example I prefer Namida no iro, Kiss me aishiteru, Tokkaiko junjou etc. to Shouchu omimai Moshiagemasu, Sakurai Chikari and Momoroiru Sparkling. Not that I hate those songs, but they don't make me go "Wow!" like some other C-ute songs.

    Also, I think Saki and Mai sound way better in non-cutesy songs because they tend to sound too squeaky and too high pitched in cutesy songs. I really loved Saki's voice in Kiss me aishiteru and Mai's voice in Aitai Lonely Christmas. This was a long comment sorry! :D