Saturday, July 16, 2011

Miya's Some Boys Touch streaming (and Berryz + C-ute + Momusu's new songs)

Some Boys Touch is definitely a song that is best seen instead of just being heard, but Miya does a wonderful job vocally nonetheless.

I wish Miya would borrow C-ute's Kiss Me Aishiteru outfits for this performance *daydreams*

And here's Berrryz Koubou's, C-ute's, and Morning Musume's new songs streaming as well:

So far, Berryz wins this round. They really are in the zone with three amazing singles in a row now. The other two songs aren't bad, either.

Visit the other post for download links to these concert rips.


  1. I hope Miya did the original dance too hehehe ^w^xD

  2. According to what I've read, she actually did writhe on the floor (just a little bit though)