Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kanna in a movie

Kanna + guns = instantly awesome

It releases next month.


  1. oh cool! Kanna's serious expression = FTW

  2. Going by the picture those appear to be Heckler & Koch MP5's. I can get behind Kanna wielding those. :D

  3. Can't wait! Though it would look so much better if the girl next to her wasn't doing that corny pose.

    Though I'll watch this I still can't help but shake my head at Kanna. For shame, my lady, for shame. C-ute and Berryz girls should never graduate. Especially to become a Gravure-esque model.

  4. school has changed eh xD

    I´m glad for Kanna, i became fan when she wasn´t in C-ute so i really don´t know her as i should, but after some videos i miss her lol