Saturday, June 11, 2011

9th gen in swimsuits

Tired of all of the Berryz posts yet?

Sayu blogged about Morning Musume having a photoshoot and mentioned that it was the first time she's seen 9th gen in swimsuits:

Today’s photoshoot there was…

Sw…Sw…there were swimsuits~~~!


9th gen in swimsuits, today’s the first time I’ve seen it…

Morning Musume's FC tour in Hawaii is still a month away, so anyone have any idea as to what this is for?

You can read the full blog post translation over at Hyakupa's blog.


  1. I wonder if Sayu was able to restrain herself.

    I fear for the 9th gen's modesty if they were to be left alone with Sayu in a room. :D