Sunday, June 19, 2011

HelloPro! Time Episodes 7 + 8 screenshots + download link

To make up for missing last week, here is a double episode post. Episode 7 features cameraman Maasa, Manoeri, and Suzuki Kanon.

It starts off with Maasa and Risako standing around in the rain near Akihabara Station.

Akihabara is like the nerd mecca. It's a district filled with nothing but nerdy Anime, video games, and electronic shops. What could Maasa and Risako be doing there?

After some more walking they meet up with a sharply dressed guy girl.

Yes, that's right. She's a girl. Her ID proves it.

I guess she's a part of a group of girls that acts like male hosts.

Omigosh she has her hand on Maasa's waist. Good thing she's a girl.

They head to a place that has a bunch of cosplay gear

where Maasa and Risako tries a few outfits on.

Cameraman Mano is next. It's behind the scenes of her photobook making.

She had just turned 20 and seems to have suddenly became 20x more beautiful at the same time.

Meanwhile, back with Risako and Maasa, we get to see Maasa's cosplaying efforts.

Too bad she failed at putting the outfit on properly lol

Moar Mano

Making Mano even hotter by giving her a water spray down


Cameraman Kanon time!

She takes us behind the scenes of the Only you PV making.

Epic pose time


Aichan looks cool even with a crosshair on her face

Back to Maasa and Risako in the cosplay shop, they finally settle on an outfit.


It's Maid Cafe time!

...on next week's episode (lucky it's "next week" already).

The end is some very brief S/mileage audition footage.

I've seen all I need to see. Pick this girl:

Episode 8 starto!

This week it's the continuation of Maasa and Risako's cosplay date, more Only you making of with cameraman Sayu, and a little cameraman Yuuka sprinkled in.

I don't know why, but I love this picture of Maasa so, so much
Back in Akiba, Maasa and Risako are invited into a maid cafe. Their maid is the textbook definition of moe. She's like a cuter, more hyper version of Momoko (who thought that was even possible?).

Tons of cute maids to choose from!

Cute maids are the best


Before we all die from moe, cameraman Yuuka takes us to her bedroom.

She wants to show off her dog, Haru-chan.

Haru-chan vs socks

Back with Risako and Maasa, even the desserts are cute.

haha they actually did the moe moe kyun thing

Cameraman Sayuuuuu

Erina's cool pose

Cute pose

Nice Kanon, nice.


Hyper Aichan is the best Aichan

lol Sayu took the picture with her camera still in her hand

Oh hey it's a maid cafe wota. dude is intense

Yuuka then makes Haru-chan dance Yume Miru 15 lol

And the bill for Maasa/Risako's maid cafe visit is

about $120
Next week is more Mano PB stuff and a Maimi/Mai/Chisato yakiniku date.

Episode 7 download link:

Episode 8 download link:

As always, thanks to the encoder of these HPT episodes.


  1. WOOHOO! THANX 4 UPLOADING THIS! These episodes seem to get better and better each time YAY! XD

  2. And I though idol-otaku's were hardcore, this maid wota is fierce. At least he's enjoying himself. :D

  3. This is so cool I love HelloPro! Time

    Risako I ♥ you


  4. I know this is a bit of a random post to comment on.. but I have been watching your blog awhile, and finally had something to say haha.
    All these shows that follow the girls around, well, I have been trying to study Japanese for a few years on my own, and I don't really know much of what they are saying. (I was actually never into jpop... learning the language is what introduced me to jpop and anime, not the other way around heh) and from what I know of Japanese culture, there is a lot of ceremony and such. I have to say that when I've finally found translations, subs, or summaries of a lot of these new shows (especially the Ustreamusume... which I dearly wish I could find subbed!!) the girls are very blunt. Especially in morning musume, they talk very openly about each other's downfalls and scold each other. They are professional and honest but even on most TV shows the personalities wouldn't say such things like that about one another. Again, they aren't being rude - I'm just surprised. I know there was a Ustreamusume recently where Sayu and Aika were very much saying "you need to apologize more", "you smile too much", and there were other instances in game shows and what not where the were very honest about who isn't very nice or is touchy, or who is kind... etc. Seeing that you know the language and are more versed in JPOP than I am, what is your take on this? sorry this is so long!

  5. That's a very good question and I am totally not qualified to answer it (I've studied Japanese for almost two years, but I know more about the technical side - like I can spot a verb or tell you if the sentence is past tense or something - but I'm still a ways away from being able to translate "normal" speech).

    However since you asked, I'll give you my opinion anyway.

    You'll notice that it's always senpai members saying something like that. You'll never hear, say, Yuuka saying that to Reina. It's just not the proper thing to do to your senpai. However, in Sayu and Aika's case, they are obviously senpai to 9th gen and are really just trying to help.

    They are all idols and let's face it - it is their job to make themselves likeable; an unliked idol is an unemployed idol. They have to get fans to not only like them, but to love them to the point where they will support them by buying multiple copies of the same item.

    From your example, I just see two members that have been idols for almost as long as 9th gen have been a live. They know the tricks of the trade and are trying to make 9th gen into better idols. I'm sure that if they didn't care, then they wouldn't even talk to them. Is a TV show the proper way to get their point across? Maybe not, but that's another topic for another day.

    Like I said, I don't know enough to properly answer that, but I hope that at least some of what I said made sense.

  6. I wasn't really debating idols, or saying they were doing the wrong thing. I hope you didn't think that! Things are sometimes misread in text.
    Well, I suppose the older members saying that to the younger members was not a very good example. I'm not really judging them for that; I definitely would expect that, just as I expect my senpai (so to speak) at work saying things to me about my performance. But again, a little surprised that they said that in a public forum.
    I have a friend who got his degree in Japanese and lived over there awhile. Recently a professor of his posted a photo from his school days. My friend asked him "When was this taken?" and the professor replied "That's a very personal question" (meaning, I believe, he was being asked his age?), and my friend had to apologize formally.
    I guess the reason I asked is just because of that - the idols, while not really needing to be perfect or appear perfect - as you say need to be loved. And pointy out "adorable" flaws in one another is definitely okay. It makes them more real. Just some things I have run across over the few years I have been watching videos have surprised me a little. :) thank you for the reply definitely. Keep up the wonderful work!!