Thursday, June 16, 2011

Morning Musume - Only you limited DVDs download link

Here is the Dance Shot Ver. and the Close Up Ver. I have yet to buy this single so I can't encode the other version ("Another Dance Shot Ver.") until someone uploads the ISO.

Morning Musume - Only you Close Up Ver. download link:

Morning Musume - Only you Dance Shot Ver. 60fps download link:
Morning Musume - Only you Dance Shot Ver. 30fps download link:

If you like what you see, you can buy it!


  1. Yay! Thank you!

    The second Dance Shot will obviously be the silver/white one, but I also predict the camera will have more movement than just the zooming in&out that this version has. At least I hope so.

  2. arigatou!! (even though Meli got it already lol)

    oh yeah, did i tell you that Eripon's shoelaces got stuck?

  3. LOL! 4:43-4:53 in the dance shot, Eripon's laces get 'tied' together.
    I'm so glad they did a traditional dance shot for Only You.
    Kind of wish that they had the diamond effect on the close-up version as they did the original PV.
    I also wish there were solo cuts. I don't think Risa has ever looked more beautiful than she does in this PV. I'd love to have her entire reel.
    Poor Eripon seemed to blend into the wall.

  4. Thanks for the Close-up Ver. ^^!! ;D

  5. "I have yet to buy this single"

    What on earth are you waiting for :D

  6. OMG i agree with leia, that WAS quick
    ARIGATOU~ thanx for uploading it, and i agree with tommyvd, u must get this single its awesome! <3

  7. It seems everyone in Momusu with an "Eri" in their name has trouble with the boots they get in certain singles.

    Internets for the person who remembers the other time I'm talking about.

  8. Thanks so much!
    I really like this single ^_^

  9. @tommyvd: It's a money issue. It was either this or Ai no Dangan (which was a hard choice to make). I'm more partial to Berryz and I knew they needed my help more than Morning Musume so I bought Ai no Dangan instead.

    But I'll eventually get around to buying it~