Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Buono!'s Natsu Dakara preview

After one listen, I'm totally not feeling this one. I've absolutely had it with summery happy-go-lucky songs, even though this is only the second one this year. Normally I don't mind variety, but Buono! are rockers. They are at their best with songs like MY BOY, Kataomoi, etc.

I'll withhold complete judgement of this single until I see the PV, but as of right now this is my least favorite Buono! song.

If you like it, you can buy it from CDJapan!


  1. It's kinda like Take it Easy in my book. Sorta like a slower rock song, you know? Not going to be one of my favorites, but it's still Buono!, and I'm just glad that they're releasing stuff.

  2. Omigosh "least favorite" that's a rough judgement

  3. @Leia: That's a pretty fair comparison. But to me, the difference between those two songs is that Take it Easy was kinda catchy. This song... not so much (though I suppose it can always grow on me).

    But, it's only one single and it *is* summer after all (lol, isn't that what the title translates to? "it is summer after all") so I don't really blame them,

    @Raffi: I see what you did there

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  5. I wouldn't say that this is bad, or good for that matter. I'll say that this is better than Take it Easy song-wise and PV-wise.

  6. Honestly, I like it when Buono!'s singing slow songs. They can do show how good their vocals. And I think the song will compliment the MMORPG.
    The PV is so nice better yes than Take it easy and it is not the typical UFA style with dance shot, etc. Nice and simple music video is nice and simple. XD