Monday, June 27, 2011

Another package!

And it's from CDJapan~

Only you - Limited C edition, Kitahara Sayaka's debut single Yappa Seishun limited edition, and Buono!'s Re;Buono! Blu-ray concert!

Starting with Only you, here is the inside and the back cover:

Moving on to Yappa Seishun:

And it came with an Inazuma Eleven GO trading card too:

The best for last, Buono!'s anticipated Re;Buono! concert!!

Of course I'll be ripping all three. Since the Buono! concert hasn't made its way on the tracker yet, I'll do a quick 30fps 480p encode and have it up today. Then I'll get to work on the Morning Musume and Sayaka-sama limited DVDs and finally the 480p/720p/1080p 60fps versions of Buono!'s concert (which will be done by the end of the week).


  1. My Yappa Seishun arrived today as well!

  2. oh nice! seems like it did came today :P

  3. oh how beautiful is the bluray as good!
    when you upload.
    I hope your answer
    Greetings from Colombia