Saturday, June 18, 2011

1000yen off at CDJapan

CDJapan, my favorite online retailer for J-pop, right now has a sale where if you buy stuff worth at least 5000 yen via Paypal, then you get a 1000 yen coupon.

I've been shopping at CDJapan for years and I must say this is one of the best sales they've ever had.

Now would be the perfect time to catch up on some singles you missed, or pre-order things like Buono!'s new single.

Actually I am preparing a long, detailed blog post comparing and contrasting all of the major online J-pop stores that ships to foreigners. I've you've ever wondered where you should shop to get your H!P goods, then that post is for you!


  1. You bet I made use of this. Ordered S/mileage's next single along with some older stuff.

    I've never had a bad experience with CDJapan *touches wood*. Any delays I've had were always customs related.

  2. I usually use CDjapan too....but i also use Amazon jp and sometimes Yesasia (long time i don´t use it) depends of prices, my preferences or how many i´m buying lol I really don´t know but my experience has been great with all of them

    And for only-japanese sites, Celga (again i don´t know more sites)

  3. i love cdjapan great price i use it most of the time when to get hp cd and album abd ph amazon jp i have wanted to try but i will still with cd japan for now