Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[Blu-ray] H!P 2011 Winter A-gana bonus

I'm laaaaaaaaate. I know, I know. Things got in the way. And this for three different versions and then having to upload them took up a good chunk of time. But, here is the A-gana concert. The bonus performances anyway. I have 480p version of the actual concert done and 720p and 1080p won't be too far behind so look for another A-gana blu-ray post soon-ish.

If there's something wrong with either encode, please let me know quickly. I didn't have time to watch this three more times (though I did a quick skim through all three versions).

Setlist (click for fullsize picture):


  1. Sa~wheat! Totally downloading before going to bed.

  2. I'll take the 720p. The 1080p is too much memory for my comp @_@

  3. Also, I have a question. Who is supposed to be the leader or Pucchimoni-V?
    Nakky or Mano?

  4. ^ Nakky, she has more H!P years under her belt.

  5. Aha, I thought so. Thanks for clearing that up!