Monday, June 27, 2011

Buono! - Re;Buono! concert SD download link (fixed!)

Here's Buono!'s newest concert!

This is a really quick rip I did just to get it out as fast as possible since it isn't out on the tracker yet. It is 480p 30fps, encoded directly from the Blu-ray DVD. I will do much better looking 60fps HD rips before the week is over.

Download link (1.1 GB):

Hotlink will be turned on until I finish the HD versions, so enjoy the fast speeds in the meantime.

Bonus footage (58 MB):

I'm right in the middle of watching the concert, but so far it hasn't disappointed. Proof:

And the hottest part of them all is ruined by a camera change,

but cameraman-san makes up for it a few seconds later.



  1. And where may I download winrar or 7zip?
    Must have this concert.
    or will UnRar X join them?
    It has joined things in the past, but idk if it'll work with a video, it might.

  2. @Leia: If it can open .rar files then it'll work. It's the same process.

    @Vanilla: YES

  3. @Chris Alrighty than, thanks~ I will download it tomorrow though, should be off to bed for school :/
    But like dang I'm clueless with this stuff xD

  4. why is it when i downloaded it, it's just a file? DX i want this concert... i have winrar

  5. ooooh~ i get it haha XD ".rar"

  6. How can I join them? Plus, 7zip tells me the second part is damaged D:

  7. ^ You can either open 7zip, then double click on My Computer and then find part one, click on it, and then click extract.

    Or you can just right click on part one, select 7zip, and select extract here.

    If it says it's damaged, then something went wrong when you downloaded it so you'll have to download it again.

  8. Since some people have never joined multiple .rars before, I'll make a quick video on how to do it when I get home.

  9. normally i don't have any problems with joining rars but because of that double comma in the title my computer doesn't recognize it as a .rar file D: edfwawef annoying

  10. The semi-colin in the title is preventing it from being recognized as a .rar
    The fie is just called [BD-Rip] Re

  11. Ah, I see. Megupload screwed up the file when I uploaded it because it's afraid of semi-colons or something. I'm reuploading to hotfile (with the semi-colon removed from the title) but it's going to take about four hours (darn you, slow upload speed!).

    In the meantime, you can still download from Megupload if you can't wait, but you have to do a little extra work.

    Firefox users: sorry it's impossible since FF doesn't have a "save file as" option.

    Internet Explorer: Make sure you select "save file as" when you start the download. And also change part 1's name to [BD-RIP] Re;Buono! Concert.part1.rar and part 2 to [BD-RIP] Re;Buono! Concert.part2.rar

    Google Chrome: Like FF, it doesn't have a "save file as option" (that I know of), but I was able to save part 1 sucessfully even with the screwed up filename. When it's done downloadling, rename part 1 to [BD-RIP] Re;Buono! Concert.part1.rar and part 2 to [BD-RIP] Re;Buono! Concert.part2.rar

    Others: I don't have any other browsers but you're welcome to try the IE or Chrome method if you want.

    Again, I'll have a non-screwy filename reupload up later today so those instructions are for those who want it now (or somehow already have the files downloaded).

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  12. Original post edited with a new link.

  13. Hi, I'm Urusei an user from H!O, I wanna ask you if I can upload the concert on the tracker,
    obviously I give you all credits and putting your website link too.
    Have a nice day!

  14. ^ I have much higher quality versions that will be done in a couple of days, but you can if you want to.

  15. Soooo the current download is the whole concert? Awesome, thank you VERY much <3 I really appreciate you sharing :)

  16. ^ Yeah, it is, since people were having problems with the other one.

  17. hi, I love the concert.
    million thanks for sharing this.

    but isn't there supposed to be audio commentary?
    if it's not a hassle could you upload it? the audio only would be fine.

  18. ^ Yep, there is. I wanted to make this really quickly so I left off all of the fancy things like chapters and dual audio that the HD versions will have. Here is just the commentary audio:

  19. airi + booty shorts= o.0 ::blush::

  20. This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader.
    Looks like the link was dead... (Y_Y)

  21. Have you the DVDISO? :O

  22. The link is broken :(( Any chance you can fix it plz??

  23. i got nosebleed while watching this video,,,,,, ^o^