Friday, June 17, 2011

Reminder: C-ute live on Youtube in less than 8 hours!

In about 7 and a half hours from now, C-ute staff will be broadcasting C-ute's concert today, live on Youtube.

You can watch here:

I'll be recording it and will upload it tomorrow for those of you who can't watch.


  1. I can't wait this is gonna be awesome!!!!!

    !♥!♥!GO C-UTE!♥!♥!


  2. Can't wait! YouTube streams are much clearer and stronger than Ustream so there shouldn't be any connection caused interruptions or lagging.

    You should have seen me yesterday, LOL. I forgot what date it was so I was all spazzing that I was going to miss it. I still have the bruise from where I smacked myself in the head when I realized it was just the 17th. -- Thank goodness you're recording, I've been having some trouble with my settings lately.

  3. Yay, I'm interested to see if picture quality will be significantly better than the concert they streamed over Ustream

    (51:52 to go, can't wait, it will be 8 am where I live, but I'm up, I'm up!

  4. They were showing rehearsal footage here earlier:

    it's private now though (and no I didn't record it, it caught me off guard)

  5. you know it cant wait to see it

  6. Who's loving the pre-show music? (Green Day)

    Scratch that, it might be worse than Ustream. It looks good when they stop play with the cameras. Oh well, I appreciate that they're using multiple cams this time.

  7. ^ ew I hate the changing camera angles. its the one thing about H!P concerts that I hate

    and sorry everyone but I'm not recording this one. my original plan didnt work out. its the same concert as last month anyway

  8. that was pretty epic. glad the quality improved. c-ute english <3

  9. Damn, wish you'd have said something sooner, I'd have tried to record it since there was only 2 very minor blimps in my connection the entire concert. Hopefully the copy that gets uploaded to the tracker doesn't get shrunk to 300px, I hate the person that does that to the Ustream Musumes.

    The picture quality was much better, until they tried to film a girl infront of the video screen then the video would go bad. Too much information for the stream to process. At least we got a taste of what the DVD will be like with the camera angles. I like the multiple angles, I just think they have to stop flipping through them all spazzy like. It makes me feel queasy when I can't tell what's going on.

    Concert Ramblings:
    Loved Chisa's hair; was not a fan of Mai's. -- Somebody missed their line or had mic trouble in 'Jump'. I wasn't in the room so I'm not sure what happened. -- I hate Chisato's 'Momoiro Sparkling' outfit. It just makes her look short and thick. And she doesn't need her clothes to help her look bigger during concert season. She admits to eating junk food when she gets home after a concert. -- Loved Nakky's English! I also loved her "Come on!" in 'Kiss Me Aishiteru'. -- Best 2: What is Airi doing? -- Mai sounded better in the Ustream concert. Her voice seemed tired, very strained. On that note, I wish Chisa wouldn't push her voice, the mics will pick up her voice even if she's not shouting. That's why Maimi sounds hoarse at the end of concerts and Airi doesn't. -- I half expect Maimi to announce C-ute auditions during her MC. LOL! -- Nice, a 'Maji Desu ka Ska' pun. And something about a cookie? -- What was the phrase for 'That's The Power'? Boy!Nakky was funny. -- <3 Chisato! -- Oh noes, it's almost time for sexy!Mai, I recognize that outfit. -- Kyu~to! Kyu~to! Kyu~to! -- I'm happy too, Nakky! I love you too, Mai! Everyone, everyday, happy too, Chisa! One note, one music too, Airi! Those last ones made no sense, LOL! Maimi made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Anyone have an idea what she was trying to say? -- I've really fallen in love with 'Izasusume Steady Go'. -- Already over!? Felt like a short concert, but that's just me. One day for everyone else feels like two to me. Steady there Nakky. These girls must be wiped out, and they have another concert in 2 hours. I just can't imagine doing that.

  10. ^Sorry, the laptop didn't want to cooperate at the last minute and I didn't want to miss any of the concert trying to fix it.

    There is a rip on the tracker and it's the same video size as the normal Youtube video player so your wish is granted. Of course I'll be uploading it here soon (probably tomorrow).

    I can agree with that. It's not the multiple angles that I hate, it's the switching every half-second to the next angle. I especially hate when they zoom in too far during dancing.

    And I think you summed up the concert pretty well there. Good job lol

  11. There's an older concert that has super spazzy camera movements, every second or two was a new angle, and it just gave me the biggest headache to watch. I wish I could remember what concert it was so I could put a warning on it.