Monday, June 27, 2011

Morning Musume - Only you (Dance Shot Another Ver.) download link

In my previous Only you download post, I didn't encode this version because no one uploaded the ISO so here is my encode from my copy that came today.

60fps version:

30fps version:


  1. what's the diference between "60fps" & "30fps and ... what means "fps" ??? ^^

  2. fps means frames per second

    60fps plays better but has a large filesize, 30fps doesn't play as good but has a smaller filesize

  3. there is no need to create a 60fps version from the original 29,970fps version

  4. ^ It may not be as obvious in a video like this, but more often than not, the 60fps version plays a lot smoother with less jitter.

    And also the 60fps version always has more downloads than the 30fps version (in this case, it has 3 times more downloads), so I wouldn't exactly say there is no need.

  5. Is it possible to upload the DVD ISO of the "Dance Shot Another Ver." ? That would be much appreciated, I already have the limited A version and can't afford buying another copy. Thanks :)