Monday, June 13, 2011

Ai no Dangan GET x3

My CDJapan package finally came!

I ordered both limited DVD editions and the regular edition:

This is the first time I've ever bought multiple versions of a non-Morning Musume single, but everything about Ai no Dangan is so epic I had to!

and the back:

I'll be encoding the contents of the two limited DVDs so look out for that later today!

If you want to be like me and add this wonderful single to your collection, CDJapan can help you out!


  1. Epic single get!

    I will be looking forward to those encodes. Especially the dance shot~

  2. Apparantly Berryz Kobo will be on HEY!HEY!HEY! on July 4th!

    From Captain's blog.

  3. @Leia: It'll be done very soon!

    @tommyvd: YES YES YES!

    Though its too bad it's so far away. Ai no Dangan might be out of the Oricon charts by that time (but a Hey!x3 appearance might suddenly jolt them back into it).

  4. This is so amazing your so lucky

    I love Berryz Koubou so much I wish I was able to get one of there CDs that would be so amazing!!!!


  5. Even my jealousy is jealous. Such a great single.

  6. but... ehy regular..._ say... you has 2 CDs with the limiteds... (@.@) I want to see the inside photos!! XD

  7. sweet man i was thkning of getting them but not much money now