Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Berryz on Kuru Kuru Miracle download link

Captain, Chinami, and Momoko were guests on the TV show Kuru Kuru Miracle to promote Ai no Dangan last Friday. The promotion doesn't seem to end, does it? (Not that I'm complaining; good job UFA)

I think this appearance is above average - it's not your typical boring "hey go buy our single! kthnx" that happens on some shows. There were legitimate funny and awesome moments and I had a great time watching. I mostly credit Momo for that. Some people don't like her, but you can't deny that she makes TV appearances (and anything, really) interesting.

Plus there's

Lady Gaga + Berryz? DO WANT

But unfortunately there is also

I guess pre-teen wota will be happy.

Chinami recites part of pi again
And of course, it wouldn't be an epic appearance without Momo using her butt as a weapon


Download link (256 MB, 15 mins, 720p HD):

Thanks to the original encoder (it's not my encode).


  1. "The promotion doesn't seem to end"

    Then why isn't this single selling? Second week sales were abysmal.

  2. can i haz moar c-ute promo plz

  3. @tommvd: To be honest, no one really knows. In H!P terms, the promotional blitz they've given to Berryz is top notch; even in the "real" world, this promotion is way above average.

    The only thing I can say is to keep at it. AKB didn't become popular by appearing on a bunch of TV shows once - they appeared (and continue to appear) and promoted the heck out of everything they do. If they let Berryz do this for every single, I guarantee sales will go up. But, unfortunately, the low sales will probably encourage UFA to not do this too often. To be honest, I don't really blame them. Why put all of this money into promotion when you can get the same old results doing nothing?

    But honestly, I'm starting to not care about sales anymore. If Ai no Dangan is considered a poor single because of it's low sales, then I want more "poor" singles in the future. I've been loving anything and everything that has to do with Ai no Dangan and I can't wait to see what Berryz does next.

  4. @Raffi: The Momoiro Sparkling PV was playing on the big screen TVs at Shibuya Crossing, which is amazing.