Thursday, June 30, 2011

Buono!'s Ice Mermaid preview + Natsu Dakara PV preview

First the B-side preview:

I like this song a lot better than Natsu Dakara. As one of the comments said, "Now this IS Buono!!"

This is a perfect example of why I never ignore b-sides. I don't really like Natsu Dakara, but it doesn't matter because Ice Mermaid is pretty cool. And as you'll see below, the Natsu Dakara PV is nice, which makes this single even stronger.

I'm glad that it has much more depth to it than just close ups and dancing. Of course, Buono! themselves are awesome and it shows in this less-than-normal (H!P) PV.

Ice Mermaid plus the Natsu Dakara PV has convinced me enough to buy this single and you can do the same at CDJapan!

EDIT: Oh and this single will be used to promote a MMORPG game. Nice!


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