Monday, June 13, 2011

Ai no Dangan Dance Shot gifs

I saw too many hot scenes to not make a ton of gifs from the dance shot. There were a bunch of close ups (WHYYYYYYYYYY), so almost all of the members has a solo gif here. Oh and it goes without saying that this post could take a while to load if your internet sucks

Let's start with some Risako touching shall we?

Butt dance part one

Cool Maasa

There isn't anything particularly special about this dance move except it shows off Berryz's butts. Therefore it is awesome.

Moar cool Maasa


Captain doing something random in front of Momo

Yay for arm waving

Moar butt shots

I don't even know what to call this but it looks fun

Yay for Miya touching

I don't know whose hips these are but who cares. hawt

It's head shaking time

And of course the best part of the whole PV. This is the only time I approve of zooming in during a dance shot

Want more butt dancing?

Of course you do.

I think that covers about everything, but if you have any requests, feel free to ask.

These aren't gifs but I had to post them.

Risako, what are you doing to Captain?

.....Oh. Carry on.


  1. nice work love it so much hehe

  2. You really know how to make my day dont you <3

  3. I really do have to say, the close-ups on the members does make learning he dance ALL THE MORE DIFFICULT for me and my fellow dance group members.

    Although this dance is very awkward so my members are so mot going to want to do it. Sucks for them because I plan on hopefully doing all H!P dances I can. Also I only have 5 members right now so I need 2 more for Berryz and another one for the dances that include Maiha in it.(This will never even happen, I bet)

  4. So glad you have the second Maasa GIF. Love her!

    I'm actually not much of a Miyabi fan for this PV. Her hair is just so... Yuck. Too unpolished for me. I like her hair in the promos though. And I like her without bangs. But she keeps using fake lashes, it drives me batty.

    I love that Momoko reciprocates the rubbing down she got from Risako and Captain by groping Risako. H!P sure love the rub-down move, don't they? They did the same kind of thing in "Munasawagi Scarlet" and C-ute did it for "Kiss Me Aishiteru".

    No pockets so those hips can only be Maasa (you see her left pocket if you look hard enough), Yurina, and Risako. Chinami might also be the middle with Yurina being the closest.

    I love the last pose with their selves behind them. Very nice.

    Risako's all "This is my one chance to hump Captain in a PV and not have it be out of place. I'm taking it!", LOL!

  5. @Leia: You're in a dance cover group? Sounds awesome

    @Hidders: I always envy your analyses~

  6. @Chris: I'm trying to organize one. We only have 5 members atm, and no time to practice. So it's not much yet, lol.