Saturday, June 25, 2011

[TPF] Sayumi, Reina - Oh! Doyagao Summit (subbed)

Sayu and Reina were on the TV show Oh! Doyagao Summit a couple of weeks ago talking about how to take better cellphone pictures of yourself.

It's a pretty funny short appearance that is also is informative.

Download link:

Or grab it on the tracker.

This is LoveSayumin's (also known as Vanilla here on my blog) first project with TPF so congrats!


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  2. -cough cough- sorry for before :P
    but I said before,
    'agh, Meli haven't started with her project yet >.> better start mine now!'

  3. Haha thanks for this. I watched this some days ago and it really is awesome video~~~