Monday, June 20, 2011

Ever wanted to be a fansubber? We could use your help!

Fansubbing group Twilight Paradise Fansubs (TPF for short) is looking for new members. I recently joined to help out, but right now it's just me and the group's leader, SFG.

We're currently working hard to bring you guys new subtitled goodies, but we can't do it alone! If you have experience doing any fansubbing job - translation, timing, typesetting, editing, encoding, whatever - then we could use you! Right now the plan is to just gather a bunch of talented individuals and continue on as a group from there.

Even if you don't have experience, you still have a chance to join. I have done virtually every fansubbing job listed above and have trained a handful of individuals to do those jobs. If you have a burning passion for H!P and some free time, then you probably still can help us out. Read on for more information.

To be a translator, you need to be able to understand Japanese and English and be willing to learn to use Aegisub (which I can easily teach you how).

Timers need no special skills, just (ironically enough) free time. I've successfully taught quite a few people this skill.

Typesetters need to have experience with either Aegisub, Adobe After Effects, or similar graphic software.

Editors need a good command of the English language (you will be fixing any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and typos).

And encoding is what I mainly do for this blog - the process of taking a DVD (or an already encoded .mp4 file, .avi file, etc) and converting it to a compressed format complete with functional video, audio, and subtitles.

Please leave a comment if you are interested! Or you can contact me at

Even if you have zero interest in joining, you can still help us out by spreading the word by tweeting this post, linking it on your blog, or something like that.

We look forward to your responses!


  1. well, since you guys need help, Meli will help!! senpai has taught me many things with Aegisub so I need to use the talent of course :P haven't subbed for a while though but it's nice to try out new stuffs, especially when timing DVDs or perf. or other ^^

  2. I would love to be part of it but I don't have any time or experience so I really wouldn't be of any help. Sorry :C

  3. Should I or shouldn't I? The timing skills that you taught me might fail but I guess I can help.....

  4. I know how to sub on Aegisub, though I haven't figured out karaoke yet. I can also do editing, as I've done it for actual novels before. I've never worked in a team before, but I'd be interested!

  5. @Melisa: We'll talk more on MSN

    @Leia: It's okay!

    @Kevin: So are you going to do it or not?

    @Aleria: Perfect! Let me know how I can contact you (or just email me at and we'll continue talking there.

  6. hai hai~ I'll try to talk to senpai tomorrow~
    though I hope I'll have time since Wed. is my graduation (woohoo!)

  7. I can do timing, quality control, editing for grammar and spelling, and initial seeding (I have a seedbox). I've been looking for another subbing group to join, so please let me know if you're interested in having me~ My email is

  8. Oh, and I forgot to say, I can also do basic karaoke timing. I couldn't typeset because I don't know how to use Adobe After Effects but I can do the initial karaoke timing.

  9. @Melisa: Awesome! Don't worry about fansubbing for now, just have fun with your graduation! And congrats~

    @Vanilla: Sounds like you're just the type of person that we need! I'll contact you later today when I get back from school.

  10. ROFL.. I wouldn't mind joining... But all I can really do right now is time... So, I don't think I'd be of any use to you guys.. XD

  11. @ForeverLove: We can probably still use your help. You can use Aegisub right?