Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Morning Musume on Happy Music 6/11/11 720p download link

A couple of days ago, Morning Musume were guests on Happy Music and performed Only you.

Poor Aika had to sit in a chair the whole time, which was kinda awkward, but I have to give the girl credit for actually being there and still giving it her all.

They also had a short talk segment and will be on Happy Music again soon where the full segment will be aired.

This isn't my encode so thanks to the original encoder.

Download link (720p HD, 4 minutes, 242 MB):

Only you debuted at number 5 today, but 4th place is definitely reachable for them so why not buy a copy or two to help out?


  1. mmm poor Aika!! Risa told me some days ago that her foot is well, I hope that too! >.< がんばって!!♥光井さん!!

  2. Bought my copy (along with Mano's latest PB) with the free poster (which I've framed and put next to my S/mileage poster).

    Can't wait for Music Japan as well.

  3. I've bought it also~

    It hurts me so much to see Aika sitting like this (;_____;) I really hope that she'll get better soon.

  4. I hope Aika's Leg will be fine,
    and, there is a continuation of this video?
    I was curious! *o*